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What Coast’s We’ll See FULL MOVIE

Utah’s good kids come through with a good snowboarding movie.

Riders: Blake Payne, Torrey Lyons, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Danny Buller, Jose Magra, Kyle Kearns, Evan Drage, Drew Eflin, Cam Gorby, Sammy Elam, Drew Brighton, Connor Gysin, Tucker Brown, and Friends.

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Comments (30)

  1. First

  2. the credits were pretty awesome.

  3. I just got holy smokes, so this was pretty hard to watch

  4. Seriously the coolest snowboarders out there

  5. Really dope! Blake Payne is the man

  6. keep mormons out of snowboarding

  7. This is a real god damn snowboard video you fucking pussies take off your pads. next time you want a good movie it should just be blake payne, bring on the pain…… ARHHRHHRHRH

  8. you missed alot of additional filmersss….haha

  9. ^ Well that doesn’t make any sense..

  10. did connor brown film all this?

  11. that josie kids shit was the sickest hands down

  12. @kevin court, that movie is awesome…if you really like watching zeaches and swivels.

  13. great riding accompanied by great music

  14. yeah brad and kyle! that was some heavy shit

  15. 938 so fucking sick….so sick

  16. TORREY!

  17. All these kids are better than Jon Kooley.


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