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686 x New Balance Boots- Winner!

Our winner is Austin Catevenis from Edgewater, Maryland. Congrats, Austin! Your boots are on the way.

686 Outerwear has teamed up with New Balance to create arguably the most comfortable pair of boots we’ve ever tried on.  And as you can see, they’re damn good lookin’ too.  

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Comments (16)

  1. what the fuck happened to firing squad?

  2. what he said^

  3. If I won these I would probably throw them out

  4. just wait until fuckin crocks starts making snowboard boots

  5. Someone pissed in one of my boots. They wreak. I really need some new boots. It has come to this. I must peruse Facebook in hopes of winning some new, comfy, smell good, stoke my horrible feet out happiness. Boy….. I sure need to win some boots. Riding home in the car with that one piss soaked boot after a day of riding can be pretty embarrassing and smells a lot like the bathroom at Devil’s Point on a Saturday night but without the frills.

  6. Hurricane Sandy took my boots.

  7. hope yobeat isn’t selling my shit to 686/ new balance to pay for these. I’d hate to get more spam than usual

  8. Did I even enter this? Shit’s confusing as fuck.

  9. i threw up in my shirt pocket.

  10. Fuck New Balance!! Stay out of snowboarding and stick to running shoes. I’m sick of all these bullshit “sports” companies coming into our industry cuz they see dollars to be made. Just like that faggot brand Nike…how can a company who sponsors Lebron James also sponsor Danny Kass?? So god damn gay. Fuck these corporate assholes.

    Support privately owned companies…they’re the ones doing it for the right reasons and helped build our snowboard culture from the ground up!

  11. Faggot brand? Are you serious? This is why snowboarding is as embarrassing as rollerblading. What is “snowboard culture” to you? Is that when a bunch of jocks from the suburbs sit around calling stuff gay, or is it when you participate in a sport more expensive than golf that everyone’s mom has tried? Yeah, support independent companies and all that, but don’t sound like a complete fucking goon doing it.

  12. pwat,
    theres a reason your boot got pissed in i’m sure

  13. New Balance is very legit, certainly more so than Nike. It’s an American made product, you can’t say that about any other snowboard boots that you little cry babys wear. If you can’t back New Balance then you might as well get over to Dicks Sporting Goods and grab a Burton Bullet.