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Quinn Dubois 11/12

You hear about the 12-year-old girl that landed a 540 McTwist on a vert ramp last week? Well this FootyFiend homey is 12 too, so that’s something.

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Comments (24)

  1. Why “1990 rules!”? Shouldn’t it be “2000 rules!”?

    Wow I’m old.

  2. ^holy shit, i’m old and bad at math. Thanks, fixed.

  3. you know you’re getting old when you miss a decade

  4. the most hoodrich 12 year old I’ve ever seen

  5. Yo Quinn, when’s your next hot wheels commercial dropping?

  6. He’s been sellin dope since ’96

  7. this kid is seriously tough. I better keep my tech decks in a secure place next time I come to deep cove.

  8. Do people throw Canadian dollars in the club in Canada?

  9. In canada dollars are coins called “Loonies” It might hurt the strippers a bit if you throw em.

  10. @@timwindells’ballsack that’s called making it hail. they get sad at first but then what? they pick up the change. cuz they’re fucking strippers.

  11. Pre-teens and their butterfly knives, kids these day

  12. @filmer’s right, Reid Smith is 13 and is straight fire!

  13. wait a minute…. I know this kid!!!

  14. yeaaaa quinn!! killin it as always. Keep kids on shred

  15. WUTUP haters. This kid is a G, betta recognize.


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