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Boreal Opening Weekend 2012

Now that bHappy is all high profile and making exclusive videos for large corporate media sources, looks like these kids are fixing to take over.

Riders: Matty Britton, Brenton Aikin, Collin Lucier, Luke Kelly, Ryland West, Kieth Rutherford, Johnny Lucero, Tyler Thompsen, Tanner Misono, and Michael Ballew.

Filmed/Edited by Tanner Misono

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Comments (29)

  1. mattys got switch game like a bosss

  2. Yobeat should filter out some of these opening day edits, I’m sure there are better ones out there

  3. they saw they only snowboard for fun but then take it way to serious when they are. They cool guy the shit out of every one when they are there!

  4. yeah, its been a know fact bhappy is gay as shit for a while now.

  5. ^You guys talking about the same Bhappy? We’re all friends at boreal.

  6. This kids suck. They didn’t even double cork!

  7. terrible edit, id rather watch gremlinz

  8. I bet 90% of these kids’ parents paid well over a grand for them to go to snowboard camp

  9. It’s good too see people actaully caring about filming and getting good angles…rad edit.

  10. Tanner good shit with the edit.

  11. @anonymous, i thought he panned way too much.

  12. I didnt think the angles were good at all. The riding is decent but the editing and filming was pretty stock and almost boring

  13. YoBeat didn’t reject this video, they saw something in these kids you haters aren’t seeing!

  14. Hahah why do people hate on a bunch of kids who aren’t the best riders but are having fun doing something that they love and I’m sure you do too. I liked the video, it was nice to see some people riding this seasons snowfall. Also learn how to spell. haha

  15. The young guns are killing it!

  16. its funny cause my mountain opening day is usually december 20th. Fuck you east coast

  17. this made me not want to snowboard


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