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Red Alert: Denis “Bonus” Leontyev

It seems the Internet gives him mixed reviews but we like this guy. He’s like a short, Russian Mike Cassanova.

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Comments (29)

  1. If anyone could make switchups acceptable it’s this guy

  2. Not a single press in the whole part??

  3. leftovers part real part is better

  4. great style until he lands, keep your arms down.

  5. rollerblader skiier style shit is embarassing

  6. Stay in the terrain park, buddy

  7. About 70% of the tricks in that part were dope the other 30% weren’t that clean

  8. so hes not that cool but then yobeat says hes cool so then hes cool?

  9. I think Denis “BONUS” Leontyev should lick my butthole

  10. Not hating – this kid is really talented, but his snowboarding reminds me of 2007. No style and just spinning on and off. No presses or originality. So much potential to put it together but the wackest trick selection.

  11. Zeachy spinny things were cool when forum and special blend were

  12. he might be a lameo but his reverse momentum finesse is superb

  13. this dude is very talented, but yobeat sucks

  14. yuk, should stay off the street. His windells vid from way back was gnarly but I guess it doesnt suit street

  15. Shame on you yobeat for even attempting to downgrade or belittle this dope ass part by saying the internet gave him “mixed reviews,” Who the Fuck cares! His riding’s ill

  16. yeah Yobeat sucks white hairy nads

  17. too many early offs and nothings locked in i thoroughly dislike his snowboarding


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