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Keystone Opening Day 2012

Colorado is open! Maybe that place isn’t so bad after all.

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Comments (40)

  1. another great part of opening day is all the norts who forgot how shitty they actually were last season just to be rudly awaken by how truly shit they are

  2. it was good until i saw that shit on 01:15

  3. apparently colorado is as bad as people thought. with all those switchups.

  4. quick im filming, do something funny and witty into the camera

  5. this is like one of those youtube videos that i turn off in the first 5 seconds because of the intro, then i saw the opener, held on a little longer, then turned it off

  6. so much hate, so early in the season

  7. Shaky camera shots are so in this year!

  8. Scummit county does it again

  9. Best thing in colorado is flippin bird

  10. oh no 3 swivels ;( grow up pussies. snowboarding is about doing what ever the $%&* you want. i’m doubting vid or squares can blunt 450. s my d bitches..

  11. Get off the Internet nerds! Stop hating. Start riding

  12. This is me not hating on a video. like normal snowboarders.

  13. This is me not hating on a video. like normal snowboarders. dope video

  14. shaky filmin, average tricks, and a swivel. but fuck yall i had fun that day.

  15. i fucking love this edit AND bannas!

  16. i new you liked the cock joe mango

  17. opening day edit super chiller keystone all day fucka

  18. why is colorado so terrible again?

  19. My name is Will Mayo but i like mangos! do i need to be spcific… LOLOLOLOL VOTE DEBRA

  20. it wouldnt be so bad if they didnt try to make you believe they are having more fun than you are.

  21. Best move was the crow at 0:45

  22. matt, you should be taking notes from these guys. dont be a yobeating bitch.

  23. Hey square and all you Colorado haters stop your crying and go back to riding in your back yard on your plastic Walmat sleds.

  24. why go to colorado when you can come to utah, we actually have sick people here.

  25. it was bad because candy grind was in this…haha!!!! damn

  26. Matty Represent.. Good times.. When JP & Mango give props, Nuff said!! WurkDiD

  27. yo bro whats wrong with candy chill and never danker?

  28. lol ^^^ comment of the week

  29. damn, snowboarding is too chill.

  30. Filming and editing credits go to Ray Charles.

    Shot entirely on a Sony Walkman.

  31. Not bad, but the camera is too shaky.

  32. i think someone should enlighten us east coasters of why colorado sucks so bad?

  33. Hey fucksticks, sorry I’m late to the convo… i was too busy yobeating off to a screen grab of JP walker’s spirit fingers. i love how awesome the filming is in this video, was that shot on a R.E.D.? color correction what is that? and as for the ender… DAMN haven’t seen pranks like that since middle school, love it, hate it and wanna F#$% it with the go pro stick it was filmed on.

    Colorado rocks, snowboarding is for fun and everyone except for the Dillon Wilson dude (whoever the hell he thinks he might be) who filmed and edited this video is cool.
    those dudes are just having fun getting their game back for the year

  34. @trillstar. Colorado sucks because of the following; Swamp Donkeys, texas, simmon dumount, tall tee companies, and mexicans

  35. candy grind sucks. so does that faggot skier company tall tee. hobo needs to make an edit those fools kill shit.

  36. hey willy the faggot wonka, FUCK YOU.

  37. Its funny cause this codey ellison pro snowboarder wanna be contest kid thinks he going somewhere. Codey ellison can suck my left nut. arent you suppost to be training for the olympics


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