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Thursdays at the Office: Cobra Dogs Caters

Cobra Dogs came and catered lunch. Those guys sure know how to handle a wiener.

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Comments (18)

  1. I’ve never had a Cobra Dog. Someone UPS one to me.

  2. nice saunter.

  3. Is it me or do these things get more stupid every time

  4. I have one bite size snickers and one bite size reese’s and can’t decide which one to eat first

  5. @patrick snickers/reese’s

  6. Justin is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors

  7. @ween, thanks man. That’s the order I ended up going with

  8. Justin Leveille is a blatant homosexual. If i ever see him on the street i will beat the gay shit out of him.

  9. Justin – Marty Feldman’s love child?

  10. yobeat is the new TMZ of snowboarding. They think they’re hot shit for posting videos of pros.. You run a website, the snowboarders get the hype, not you.. get over yourselves and stick to posting snowboard videos.

  11. Yobeat sold a toeside terror shirt?

  12. HotDOGS? Feline….the other white meat!

  13. these videos are bad in the same way hitler was mean

  14. All the hot dogs where gone because of Brooke, eating them all

  15. I’m really fucking sick of the intern. He acts like such a fucking douche.


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