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Jonah Owen is a Rome Pro

‘Bout damn time. Rome Snowboards recently announced its latest addition to the pro team, Jonah Owen. Word up, Jonah!

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Comments (22)

  1. exactly the move he needed to make

  2. fucking finally, this guy shreds like a boss.


  4. A win for both. Jonah needed Rome just as much as Rome needed Jonah

  5. so clearly there is no technine left in him anymore

  6. that was a shifty out of a blunt. TECHNINE…

  7. dont force that style bro and go all hipster with the hipster tricks…blunts were slick

  8. i kinda want the saggier jonah back

  9. Rome welcomes Jonah Owen to the HOMO team. SNowboarders are faggots. Sledding for Life bitches!

  10. word to the other frank, jonah is/was sick

  11. thats all it takes to be pro these days? fuck it I’m dropping my producing gig and giving this snowboarding thing a try. looks fucking easy

  12. Another sick part from Jonah Owen. Style.

  13. how the fuck is this guys pro? im on the case


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