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Nike Snowboarding Project Chapter 2 Bonus Video

Nike Snowboarding’s Chapter 2 feature is dropping 11.13 (or if you’re on that twitter tip you can watch it as early as 11.8) and after watching this little bonus video, our video-nerd boners are hard. Bravo, Swoosh, bravo.

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Comments (8)

  1. wait wut did some1 say fisheye?

  2. I got so horny watching this I went and ate out women, hot boyz/ girls holla at me on facebook to exchange pics;p or wants to skate.
    -Jed-Rav out-

  3. I could load bowls over and over watching this all day

  4. That was actually kinda lame to me.

  5. i know this question is annoying but does anyone know the song? i hate how the song title rarely gets credited in edits anymore


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