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People who speak english as a secont language always write the best descriptions of movies.

“It´s on Tv internet presents the first full length snowboard/action/everything you want to see/ film that we call “FRAMED”. This snowboard film that you really wanna see features your favorite riders such as: Nils Arvidsson, Jonas “Bonus” Carlson, Jonathan Nilsson, Ludwig Lejkner, Niklas Mattsson, Karl-Anton Svensson, Jonny Daredevil, Anton Gunnarsson, Johan Karlsson, Zebastian Landmark, Philip Landmark & Other Friends

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Comments (3)

  1. Holy shit all these free movies are getting overwhelming. Like fuck

  2. can’t tell if the first part of the description is ironic in a funny way or a sad way

  3. little flashback to the forever forum teaser with the phil collins jam. #ripforum


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