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Remember how shitty last season was? Yeah, it wasn’t like that in the Washington. Liam Gallagher blows out the spot (in a good way) with this full flick from last season.

Featuring: Forest Bailey, Forrest Burki, Patrick McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Wyatt Stasinos, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Bryan Fox, Mark Landvik, Lucas Debari, Nick Ennen, Scott Blum, Dan Liedahl, Alex Beebe, Will Lavigne, Jamie Lynn, Sebi Geiger, Marco Feichtner, Atsushi Hasegawa, Kohei Kudo, Austin Hironaka and many more.

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Comments (10)

  1. This is a lie. It’s all a joke there’s no snow in the northwest it sucks dont come

  2. All that snow is done in after effects. All it does is rain here and cause huge avalanches. I mean fucking massive man. Stay away.

  3. All the ‘artsy’ editing and filming ruined a good half of the tricks in this movie. Good shit otherwise though.

  4. This was tight when I could tell what was happening. i’m stoked on forest at the end

  5. that was a lot of snowboarding.

  6. WOW! so fucking sick, thank you for that

  7. Probably the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  8. one of the better things I’ve seen


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