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Ski Jump

Some audio/visual splendor of Ashbury bros shredding in the snowy southern regions of California that BEEF put together.
Featuring Jordan Small, Erik Leon, Chad Tarbell, Brandon Hobush, Justin Fronius, Brett Wilkinson, Ian Dodds, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, with cameos from CASTRO, Robert Toste, Deadlung, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Louif Paradis, Harrison Gordon, Mike Hakker, Lance Hakker, Chris Brewster, Johnny Miller, Jake OE, Cole Linzmeyer, Joe Sexton, Jake Kuzyk, Durrel Williams, and Oliver Dixon.

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Comments (15)

  1. The Catfish beat you to this post faggots.

  2. ahhhh. the days when hobush was still on ashbury

  3. well thats an interesting way to spell my name. now i see why they called it “ski team”, estorga has the closer.

  4. this makes me want to snowboard

  5. Damn, I wish I could still bs flip a 10.


  6. @kc Kyle it’s disturbing how closely you pay attention to my life. Sad really


  8. hobush is still hobush, ashbury or not.

  9. mine as well just call this lick the cat video with some bear footage

  10. @Jerm watch the throne…KC been lurkin


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