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The People’s Court: Matt Chase vs. Tristin Heiner

These two youngins’ put in some serious time last season learning every possible trick they hoped would impress their friends, babes and fellow snowboarders. Question is, which one would you actually rather watch?

Matt Chase


Tristin Heiner

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The People‚Äôs Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

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Comments (40)

  1. i couldnt take the second guy seriously after he put that “tailpress” in his video

  2. The peoples court listens to the peeps. nice. Good shred goofy usage of the meggggaaa mooooo in teh second one.

  3. Both videos had horrible song choices and bad to moderate editing, but Matt had better tricks. Minnesota always wins.

  4. I can’t watch the first one becuase of this damn thing that blocks youtube at my school.

  5. second dude should have shouted out gopro in his intro for making his edit look like garbage

  6. i hate watching these things now a days

  7. Tristin dresses like he’s a fucking easter egg. Sick purple pants, fag!

  8. Alright now Matt, you want to be the best right? Now backflip off this down flat down rail and I’ll get it all with the GoPro

  9. Peter deserves those goggles and the win

  10. two stolen songs from monumental mammoth edits.
    Peter Line

  11. Chase wins the race. More tricks more technicality better style and he’s not a neon light show.

  12. If Matts riding didnt look like he was tryin out for a gay porn then it would have been sick

  13. This just in: Peter Line’s best part in years

  14. matt chase was already in a peoples court

  15. The backflip of the kink got my vote alone. DOPE

  16. i remember when i was in seventh grade and had a blue helmet and yellow jacket and bought everything at fucking zumizes. Chase is a winner

  17. Second videos arm wind up at 1:05 pissed me the fuck off and i dont know why

  18. @ralph nador lol i went back and watched it

  19. go pros – tryin get kids out the hood since 07

  20. Matt Chase kills it! Stoked on him, Minnesota always kills it. I got 2 years to get where he is.

  21. Both good riders, but obviously Matt Chase’s edit is better.

    Not sure if he’s old enough, but looks like Matt needs to move to somewhere with real snow and terrain. And his sponsors need to put him on their national am teams if they haven’t already. For sure a lot of potential there to give something to sport. Please just keep the crappy park rails for you and your friends – the rest of us don’t need to see it. Maybe next year: real camera and more jumping (maybe even on sunny days and in the Western backcountry?).

  22. matt chase doesnt deserve shit. the kid is a stuck up jock.

  23. fuck tristen hes a bitch, some fag made a kickstarter for him which is probably illegal. fuck this kid

  24. ^ Mind fuc&ed… What did I just see?

  25. I hope matt chase won whatever USASA contest he was at. Solid tricks, good style

  26. holllly that matt chase dude fucking kills it!

  27. matt is a total jock who hits jumps at hylands. i was in a rail jam with the kid and all he did was swivels on a box, really gay kid.

  28. comp kids are gay as fuck. straight up. “training” ass mutha fuckaz

  29. Peter Line all the way !

  30. wait, that second jabronee is sponsored? what has the world come to

  31. Tristin Heiner is the new Pete Wast

  32. i just feel bad for that tristin kid, hahaha wasn’t fair, even though he’s not good.

  33. ya first dude looks like a jock, fuck him, he can shred decent though. Second looks like a chick, and ya that wind up to spin of the box at 1:05 pissed me off.


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