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Toeside Terrors Tests: The Signal Park Series

Hansu Weith has one thing on his mind: winning more medals. He will do anything to get them, and he isn’t afraid to throw a temper tantrum if he doesn’t get his way. Watch as our red-headed foe puts the 156 Signal Park Series to the ultimate test.

The Real Deal

The board was poppy, maneuverable, and flexible. Definitely a board you can butter around but still maintain composure on jumps.

i had a hard time keeping and edge with this board. Note: i was also riding icy timberline groomers at 8 in the morning, definitely something to consider for all the east coast park-rats out there.

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Comments (14)

  1. does having a totally ripped physique help win more medals?

  2. apparently not

  3. This is neither funny nor insightful, good job

  4. Hey at least he did a whole rail, too bad the jokes aren’t funny and you got sun burnt riding shirtless for nothing.

  5. I love this. I wonder what all the innocent bystanders were thinking when they saw this being filmed.

  6. For those that actually want to know, the Signal Park is a rad board, it’s super soft though and I find it’s best for jibbing, rather than for the hill. If you want a good all around board, try the Signal OG.

    Also, this Shaun White character is the worst. I like Shaun White better than this idiot making fun of Shaun White.


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