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This is the “viral release” of #FORUM. Due to the insane amount of requests to see the movie, forum decided to “virally release” the movie on its vimeo page starting Today and lasting until Thursday Oct. 25th. Be stoked cause you are “in the know.”

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  1. Looks like they’re taking backcountry booters to the streets.

  2. Yeah…Forum, Foursquar & Special Blend are done by 2014. Burton has dropped the lines.

    Gravis will be sold in Asia only…as Gravis absolutely kills in Japan.

    Analog will focus 100% on snow and will be dropping their street apparel.

    Red will fall under Anon and still be manufactored for sale in the US…but will move in-house with Burton in VT.

    I personally don’t give a damn about any of the brands…except for Forum. That is an iconic snow brand that helped revolutionize snowboarding. RIP Forum!!

    And FOR SURE Pat Moore will be going to Burton…1/1/13…he’s too solid of a rider for them to just let go. We’ll see about the rest of their team, though.

  3. fuck. im going to be on burton.

  4. Forum should restructure as a vide company

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