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Gunplay with Adam Franks

Another Footyfiend homey, Adam Franks, and his 2011/12 season edit.

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Comments (23)

  1. get a steadicam, seriously. but fuck yea, he killed it.

  2. eh Bevis, this guy “boom” says get a steadycam er something, uhhhuhuhuh, what a like.. dumbass. uhuhuh. Steadycams suck. uhuhuhuhuh

  3. Fuck boom

  4. There really needs to be more rap in snowboarding

  5. Footyfiend is just killing it!

  6. Footyfiend making all the busters shit bricks.

  7. wow another juicy j song in a snowboard edit. has everyone just given up?

  8. appropriate use of rap. style is so proper it looks G

  9. Three Six Mafia like fer life er something…. uhuhuhuhuh mafiuhh uh uhuhuh

  10. nigga im all over ya streets hoe im like the curb

  11. nobody comments about how fucking high all the rails are at whistler. Us americans have it easy with our pussy 8 inch ollie ons


  13. some pretty intricate snowboarding manuevers displayed in this short film. footyfiend on point fo sho. and i love trap music.

  14. These video has impressive stunts and jumps! Great job 😀

  15. if i rub my penis long enough if get a tingly feeling

  16. ^when youre copied youre famous. thank you

  17. tha gun play was nice homie!

  18. The mood that song is going for is definitely “snowboarding during an earthquake” so the video is perfect.

  19. My parents have offered to take me on a snowboard trip of my choice anywhere in the US over christmas break. I was hoping to hear some suggestions of places to go that will have their park set up by that time and have lots of snow. Thanks Yobeat!


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