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Thursdays at the Office: Hipster Intervention

We were getting worried about our friend Party Time Nate, so we brought in some of his closest buds, including Internet Celebrity Sarah Morrison, Intern RJ, Timbro and Dave Schiff to help smack some sense into him.

one of the founders of the internet.
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Comments (29)

  1. You guys might be on to something.

  2. Got a point, PTN does.

  3. schiff got braces-gold braces? this fucking movement gets more ridiculous by the day.

    file the video under: desperate, retarded, pdx, thank god i don’t live in this shit box, cum guzzlers.

  4. why does this exist

  5. what you need to do is give that grown ass man with the braces an intervention

  6. just the look on justin’s face when he said stoned made me laugh

  7. Yobeat, blowing it since 1997.

  8. guarantee that guy doesn’t smoke weed

  9. i smoke more weed than anyone i’ll fight anyone who disagree’s i smoke dabs so that means i am cool #scab nation

  10. my dad was 57 when he got braces, fuck all yall

  11. This was a good idea but you kind of fucked it

  12. Pretty week except for sarah morrison. Yobeat needs more sarah morrison. And less snowboarding.

  13. I do love hearing The Office theme song.

  14. oh my god shittiest content ever.

  15. make these longer, they are actually kinda funny

  16. in bushwick, one can have both the straw hat and the chickens, just saying.

  17. Hey! That’s the dog ate my hot dog and hamburger at Nate’s house this summer! Sneaky bastard.


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