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Toeside Terrors Test: 2013 Salomon Powder Snake

Sometimes our powder hound friend Mr. Anonymous likes to hit the park as well, and the Salomon Powder Snake is the perfect stick for the job.

Pros: Very flexible, extremely versatile, easy to maneuver and press.

Cons: We were given a 147 and told it would be fine, but for a 6-foot superhero it was way too small. Riding switch is also an issue.


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Comments (22)

  1. I wonder if I was Asian if I would be offended by this.

  2. @wumbo You get used to it.

  3. I assume that this is the most racist thing chodebeat has ever posted, but none the less, true.

  4. I love it when azns wear bugz goggles.

  5. good to see racism is considered funny on here.

  6. pissed myself after the opener shoutout, haha ..racist somehow, yeah definitely even though not intended negatively but funny as hell too, sorry for you tom but this i just fun and the background music is just the best xD

  7. i didnt quite catch that first line

  8. @Mike Sorry for what?

  9. good to know it can handle 2 foot airs. was very concerned about that.

  10. you think he might boost… and then he doesn’t.

  11. Get a real review only thing I dun learned is this guy is a joke and need his knee caps broke

  12. These things wouldn’t suck if he was actually good at snowboarding.

  13. This ninja would like licking wood.

  14. This is racist. Max Tokunaga should be mad.

  15. I’m asian. I’m more mad about how shitty this kid rides in every single fucking toeside terrors rather than his asian accent. Seriously yobeat you need to step this shit up! I’m glad all you yobeaters care about Asian ppl’s feelings though . ruv u rong time <3333

  16. Brooke how do you accomplish this? Do you go to the companies and say “Hey I am going to do some super shitty reviews on my website and was wondering if I could get some product from you? The reviews will sway the viewer neither way and have shitty humor scattered throughout that feels as elementary as Blue’s Clues.” Great job though!

  17. to be honest i was really impressed by that front melon…especially after the previous 5 videos of shitty grabs off moguls

  18. FUCK YEAH TOESIDE TERRORS, keep this shit coming

    -chur boy from north dakota


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