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How Did You Get Sponsored?

Whether they were 8, or had already graduated from college, there are some common factors in how a lot of pro boarders picked up their first sponsor. Passion, talent, fate, and who you know, seem to determine how an eager kid becomes one of the known names we see in our favorite videos these days. If you’re aspiring to lead the glamorous life of a sponsored snowboarder (read: living out of a suitcase, sleeping on floors, surviving off of ramen noodles kind of glamorous), read on to find out how it happened for these guys. Then, just have fun. If you’re loving it and staying true to yourself, chances are the right things will fall into place.

Click on the photos to read their story, or if you’re not afraid to scroll, read them all here.

Mike Ravelson Leanne Pelosi Jake Kuzyk Knut Eliassen
Sage Kotsenburg Ted Borland Sam Taxwood Brandon Hammid
Chris Larson Jess Kimura Austin Smith Will Lavigne

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Comments (18)

  1. Danger P is tha shit!!! CANADA!!!

  2. why couldnt you just make videos!

  3. Thanks for picking the more famous twin…

  4. so what you’re telling me is that I don’t even have to be good at snowboarding…i just need to know the right people?

  5. Why get spons’d when you can have your mommy buy your kits?

  6. Eagerly awaiting for a post from a 12 year old kid wondering if he can get sponsored off of a steazy tindy grab… It’s only a matter of time.

  7. i’d like to hear corey crunks story

  8. good thread….could be great if you got some more legit pros cuz bundy is the only east coast holdin it down and representin

  9. i remember jimi scott coming into get his hair quaffed. god damn, i loved running my hands through his blond, viking locks… anyways, where am i-yeah, i sponsored him because he had a flavor savor (i knew he had to be good with that pussy fur on his chin).

  10. Why didn’t you guys ask me? 🙁

  11. Handys. Doesnt matter how many corks you do, as long as you got a mean Handy then you’re all good.

  12. @dick cory cronk used to throw the fuck down


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