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Rejected Edits

This may be the most disappointing batch of rejected edits yet. The things people are filming and submitting recently are ferociously terrible. It took awhile to compile this group. I had hoped it was because people were learning not to submit trash. But unfortunately it was only because the season had yet to start. So now the flood gates of awful edits have been opened.

TRGW & S-130 Flexin at Mt. Hood: C

What’s this? Another “we took a trip across the country to Mt. Hood edit”? I can’t wait to watch your 8-minute GoPro edit with generic party and rail footage. Guess what, you did the same thing everyone else did this summer. No one wants to watch your edit because we all lived it ourselves. Minus the bros.

Blizzardo: D-

Everyone needs to watch 1:53, that’s how it’s done. I’m willing to bet every rail move in this edit is a zeach. I couldn’t watch the whole thing though, if anyone does, I applaud them.

Birmingham Jam: C-

Just because there are people snowboarding doesn’t mean someone needs to film it. Put the camera down, go grab a hot dog and cheer on your friends looking like bmx stunt show riders on a mall tour circa 1989.

Welcome to East Tennessee: F

You obviously have never watched a single edit or read any comments on Yobeat prior to submitting this video. But now you will know, your edit blows. Possibly the worst one of this edition of Rejected Edits

Joakim Boldo: F

I tried to keep watching because I couldn’t help but think something wild was going to happen. Unfortunately the only thing I saw was your inability to land with your board facing forward.

Ryan Finder last week at Timberline: D-

After watching that first edit I definitely said to myself “damn, if only I could see more of that one dude in the rasta pants. He had some sick moves.” I hope you had a great summer, because watching this ruined my day.

Joakim Boldo some shots from summer: D-

Joakim going 2 for 2 in this edition of Rejects. I think you know why this is rejected. If you don’t then just reread the comment above on your other edit.


If this is the “next generation” of snowboarding, were all fucked.

Hintertux opening 2012: D

I challenge snowboarders of the world to make an opening day that doesn’t suck. This edit will probably get the most ridicule from the Yobeat patrons.

Perry Gang: C

It’s like everyone in this edition of Rejected Edits got together and said lets make bad edits to horrible music.

Cowboy Shirts: D+

You just plain suck. Quit trying to be different and quirky, its annoying.

Six: D-

I see you decided to get some early season practice in after your dismal performance at Comment Con. Keep practicing, stop filming it.

G.V.C.P. keep it local September edit: F

This is a perfect example of a time when you shouldn’t submit your edit. This is absolute garbage. I don’t know how anyone in this edit can even watch it without seeing how toolish they are. You took a rare fun activity, snowboarding in September, and turned it into a pile of shit. This edit makes me not want to go snowboarding because I might encounter some bros like you at the mountain.

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Comments (59)

  1. @ thebauss if there was no ryan reid they would hire someone else you retard

  2. @ryan motha fuckin read so I checked out that Jerm edit and while he did do pretty much the same tricks over and over (nosepress, switchups) his vid blew yours out of the fucking water. yeah the filming was a little shaky but seriously, have you watched the “edit” you posted?? Actually, better question; have you ever actually been on this website before? if you have then you would know better than to send in that faggity ass edit of yours and not expect it to be in the rejected category. maybe there is a website that would want to see people who “arent that good but are progressing”, but it damn sure isnt this one. Save that shit as a christmas gift for your grandma who just got an Ipad this year. She will be so proud. Fucking people…
    p.s. yeah im sure you work wonders on the cats up there but if it wasnt you it would just be some other mexican doing just as good or better of a job and getting paid half what you get

  3. So…what’s wrong with Cowboy Shirt being “different & quirky?” Wait, I get it – Nyet, nyet Komrad! You must conform. You must not express yourself. You must do as I do for the good of The Collective. How can I impress if you insist on drawing attention by progressing? — Move over old farts and let the new blood through!

  4. So here on this edition of rejected I to totally and completely agree with all of these being denied, however. you need to look at your own vid before you rip people apart. First of all you (or your editor) doesnt even know how to export so that the video is the proper res and takes up the entire vimeo window without having a big black border around it.

  5. Fucking chill bros. the dude in the rasta pants made me wanna quit living. Chads shouldn’t snowboard.

  6. The awkward moment when you see your home resort on here. Way to represent.

  7. Why was there just a skier on my screen…?

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