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Wild Mountain was Open

Wild Mountain in Taylor’s Fall, Minnesota cranked up it’s rope tow on Sunday, Oct 7th making it not only the first resort in the US to open, but the earliest opening day in US recorded history. Pretty neat, even if it is just the bunny slope.

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Comments (8)

  1. I wish i had a rope tow early october

  2. once upon a time there was a person who didn’t understand his camera and the snow it recorded was so white everyone’s eyeballs imploded on themselves the end

  3. More of the skier girl please.

  4. @Sluicebox I could not agree more, what a shity edit. I was out at wild last night and the 1817 guys should be putting out an edit next week, I think. It will be much better.

  5. @midwestisthebest

    who gives a fuck, there snowboarding your not bra u mad

  6. @Rich I was out there last night and at troll on Sunday… I got two days in so far, what do you got? We go harder here than any of you fools…Towropemadness! 100’s of laps a day and hungry kids killing it. All I was saying was the edit is wack!