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Terry Talks Back

You think your little hate comments don’t hurt, huh? Well, Terry Dactyl has a few things you say to you fuckers.

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Comments (53)

  1. Fuck this dude, Pray for snow so we can have real updates!

  2. Dearest Yobeat,

    No one is ever gonna like the Toeside Terrors. I know how much you want this, but its just like Ralph Nadar running for President, always around with a few supporters but the majority of the country thinks your retarded. Just letting you know that you should abort this love child sooner than later.

  3. its all about the WEEKEND WARRIORR!!

  4. toeside terrors is okay, but itd be cooler if the riding was better.

  5. Terry is right. He coined the term. now imagine if Betty Boop was fucking the Little Mermaid with a strap on. Yeah, imagine that shit while I eat this Jimmy Johns roast beef sandwich. The little Mermaid doesn’t have a vagina you say? Make one. Peace love and indigestion, Say no to candy corn oreos, Terry would.

  6. Terry’s acting skills are too good. Now I’m going to have to make an acting reel along with my sponsor me tape. Kid’s raising the bar with these monologue hammers.

  7. I doubt this guy has ever had sex.

  8. Looks like no one really is open to new stuff here with YoBeat’s Toeside Terrors or everybody is just too uninterested in some of snowboarding’s real issues? I think they’re awesome ..I barely piss myself when watching them each time and they make great fun of soem issues, so why not digg it and enjoy some random bullshit.

    keep it real ..start hating now

  9. seriously, you snowboard like a fucking drunk sorority girl. fucking nut up, stop grabbing tindy, and try spinning or something for fuck’s sake.

  10. Best fuckin toeside terrors yet

  11. keep shredding keep get bitches. fuck the trolls

  12. Man FUCK this guy

  13. I’m not one for hating, but when its unnecessary hate on some one as awesome as the Terry Dactyl himself, I cannot sit idly by and let this happen. This doods a boss of all bosses, you’re all just jealous that you’re not out there, riding around on dope new shred sticks, gettin mad bitches, wearing awesome as tits costumes, and other hood rat shit with your friends. Quit the hating, tell your mom you’re sorry for insulting her lover, and eat a Costco sized bag of dicks.

  14. looks like you blew too much of kyle fells pain pills. bro get your edit game propahh duuudeee

  15. fuck the red sox they are like the women’s snowboarders of baseball

  16. fack yeah kid you tellem

  17. i mean terry isn’t THAT gay.

  18. this was almost as good as when jesse paul made a video when I called him out on his pants. actually, it’s about on par since I laughed at both

  19. FUCK YEA TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These hating fucker pussies lack vision and balls.

  20. I mean as a girl i ride 10 times better than he can, but these make me laugh. Atleast hes trying. And dont lie i bet the majority of you wish you could get girls in your super hero costume

  21. my favorite part was his lazy eye

  22. Stop all the hate! Terry Dactyl is fucking hilarious. Quit taking yourselves so seriously and get over the fact that Terry nails your mom/sister/girlfriend on the regular. Terry Dactyl for president!

  23. pretty sure the sox have lost 93 games so far this season, just saying.

  24. “my favorite part was his lazy eye” HAH awesome.

    this kind of made me laugh, but the toeside terror thing is pretty dumb

  25. I think toeside terrors is super entertaining, this video included. lighten up people!

  26. I am old and the internet is confusing to me, but my grandchildren explained to me that on the internet who cares loses, and you all care.

  27. how many times does the word fuck need to be used. it doesn’t make you any funnier.. not that you were funny to begin with..


  29. take it easy on the dude. he has a bulging forehead, bug-eyes, and a crooked-ass nose. he’s clearly not getting any play.

  30. awesome, keep it coming!

  31. Flippin bird should do all yobeats reviews


  33. keep em coming, finally something that isn’t so serious and worth a couple minutes of time. Your reviews are like my morning crap, it’s the best way to start my day.

  34. justin fucked that one girl you have a crush on, and her mother as well.

  35. Apparently nobody knows how to have fun anymore in this fucked up world. Keep up the good work because snowboarding is fun and this is fun.

  36. portuguese courts n’ cheese Terry Dactyl is a courter of all spanish and Portuguese womens (of which the latter are the better) if you are looking for the eastern european pigsnatchels go to the place upon which the borders of nether region reside and SUCK A FAT ONE! TERRY FOR LYBE!!!!!

  37. I enjoy a good toe side terror webisode.

    Also I don’t really care how good he is at snowboarding, I’m sure he is fun as hell to ride with. And I like his input on boards. I would jump on the chance to ride around with Justin any day.

    Keep it up yobeat.

  38. Alkztaaam-informaaion found, problem solved, thanks!

  39. I just bought some christmas felt from you and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the speedy delivery and extra little touches! Made my week


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