Wanderlust: Corrine Pasela Full Part

Ohio’s finest is officially a Roxy chick. Who knew winning a Yobeat contest would actually pay off?


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  1. Red Gerard
    Red Gerard says:

    I’m better than this bitch, apparently being 12 is a bigger disadvantage in snowboarding than lacking a Y chromosome

  2. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    how come she looks extremely uncomfortable while riding up to and away from shit? i want to see a video of her bombing down a hill, cause im pretttty sure it’d be sketchy as hell.

  3. Sammy E ohio
    Sammy E ohio says:

    Dayum!!! Corrine merks shit! Ohio stand up!
    And I’ll stand up for the kid with Ohio University Comment, OU rages harder than any university in the west. I bet most of you wouldn’t be able to hang!

  4. kyle
    kyle says:

    some of you are so critical! this is some of the best girls rail snowboarding ive ever seen. i mean she back 180d the same rail as joe sexton for fucks sake

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    She has just pulled off what other girls havent for like the past 10-15 years……Progression…That was sick

  6. Dug Fisher
    Dug Fisher says:

    I was going to say some sexist thing about how chicks suck at snowboarding, but since she better than me i will keep my mouth shut on this one.

  7. jp walker's arms
    jp walker's arms says:

    why when girls snowboard does it look like the board is just doing whatever it wants and they’re strapped in and stiff, like their just along for the ride. besides maybe desiree melancon

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