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Toeside Terrors Test: The 2013 K2 Happy Hour

As if it wouldn’t be the tweak-master Terry Dactyl that would test out the K2 happy hour.

Poppy and sturdy. This board feels like it could ride through anything. That pointy nose is bound to come in handy when floating through powder. This board is definitely meant to hold its own on a variety of terrain. It is not a noodle.

The nose and tail were pretty stiff, yet on larger landings I thought the board did a weaker job of absorbing shock than other snowboards I have ridden.

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Comments (18)

  1. fuck all you stick-in-the-mud motherfuckers this shit is good

  2. I’ll cut off my dick before I buy a snowboard for $479

  3. what happened to using your knees to absorb your landings?

  4. Do the terrors make it a point to do at least one tindy per review? Bring back Diamond Donny.

  5. Review doesn’t count til you ride fuckin sick. Pussy.

  6. i love you.
    s e r i o u s l y
    got to do a gypsey one please
    <3 jelly