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The Gentleman’s Club brings you the SEGCOS full movie.

Featuring: Jamie Orkin, Jake Flood, Cameron Gorby, Tucker Brown, Logan Griffith, Nick Sappio, Aaron Fraher, Matt Bernard, Alex Colorito, Seamus Foster, Dan Wells, Nicky McMillen, Ryan Lanham, Griffin Lancaster, Ben Hannon, Orie Katsilometes, Adam., Scott Schmidt, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Ben Juell, Cooper Thomas, Dan Rodosky, Brett Maes, Leif., Sam Elam, Sam Blazejewski, Jeff Holce, Garrett Read, Dylan Trewin, Myles Gable, Robert Bench, Ben Maki, Riley Goodwin, Sean Whitaker.

Film: Andrew Nagel and Seamus Foster; Edit: Andrew Nagel

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Comments (43)

  1. Nagel is the man that was great, I might need to go change my underwear

  2. pretty neat

  3. the first few people all look the same

  4. for being “super exclusive” the flick sure features a lot of peeps

  5. Whoever made the titles for this movie needs a raise. i thoroughly enjoyed it though

  6. way more street than This Must Be The Right Place or whatever they’re called. I dug it.


  8. Holy shit Nagel, you didn’t tell me this was gonna be so dope!! Good shit, Jeff Holce got gnarly too!!

  9. NICK FUCKING SAP… g as fuck!

  10. shits not that exclusive if dylan trewin is in it. fuck dylan

  11. Jk i tried to suck dylan’s dick this summer and he got scared, fucking pussy

  12. so i made out with a guy in front of him

  13. damn. theres stopp kids, but no ben hannon. wheres the ben footy??? only complaint.

  14. nvm i found some. great flick. stoop mitts or die.

  15. There was a couple cool parts in this but overall it was pretty boring. It’s like watching a porno of This Must Be The Place’s retarded twin brother have sex for the first time. Are there any other spots in SLC besides the 6 rails that are in every video?

  16. damn thoes courtney cox comments are on point. story of our lives .

  17. not impressed by very average street riding, more jumps less garbage, and terrible music selection.

  18. So sick! Sean Whitacre is a boss and a half.

  19. usually the word “of” is not used in an acronym

  20. this must be the place was sick and all but nagel’s editing is on point, I thought this was more enjoyable. good job guys

  21. This must be the super exclusive gentlemens place

  22. In one word I would describe this video as decent. And that’s being generous.

  23. Hell Yeah everybody! everybody killin it!

  24. Fuck yeah Nagel. And fuck yeah Jeff holce for givin us that throw back jonah owen dropping the board in the shaddow tech nine swag. mad respect.

  25. ender saved it

  26. dude, bro- they shoulda used that Sail song! just kiddin, this was awesome

  27. lol classic Ryan pullin out his fancy little powershot

  28. they had more Salt Lake spots than “This Must Be the Place” video

  29. @michigander…… which is why he does such evil tricks


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