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Thursdays at the Office: No Reggae!

What’s working in the snowboard industry really like? Let’s just say it’s not as glamorous as you may imagine. But with our new digs in Portland’s Flavel Arts District, we decided it was time everyone learned the truth. Tune in every other Thursday for new episodes featuring Justin (the intern), Brooke (the boss), Jared (the design guy) and various other characters that run this ridiculous site.

Featuring the HUF Plant Life Socks

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Comments (39)

  1. this was actually really funny. fuck yeah yobeat

  2. So many activities going on at YoBeat…good shit.

  3. I’d like to see a scrap between Brooke and Rosie O’Donnell, put that shit on youtube

  4. (some stupid comment that everyone will like only becuase i am apple)

  5. what! i fucking love reggae. nice jared cameo.

  6. What! I fucking love reggae. The Jared cameo was awesome.

  7. Can’t tell if Justin is a really good intern,

    or really good actor..

  8. Is that my son stan??? Stannnnn!?

  9. Way to look eagerly for our approval at 1:01, Brooke

  10. wow, i really hope one day i can work for a snowboard website….

  11. i want to see jerm in these he is my fav yobeater/yobeatee.

  12. Yo the hommies were tellin me theres some one frontin like their me on the site get a life fool and keep my name outta ur mouth and off this snowboard site

  13. Where can I get one of them fancy ass Pianos?

  14. Do a day in the life of everyone at the headquarters, That could be cool.

  15. yobeat is played. snowboarding memes on facebook is the new fire

  16. man, brook cant even act… well done intern!

  17. anxiously awaiting the “we find this offensive and repressive” response from the guys at INI.

  18. whats with the obnoxious “hit us with a like” pop-up when i arrive at your site? how effing needy are u? maybe im not even on facetube. are all “industry” heads that insecure?

  19. p.s. brooke why don’t you show us your tits. them are some bangers.

  20. How come you’ve got my catnip plants on your socks?

  21. cracking up

  22. yobeat?…more like yotreat to watch! #justkiddingthatsuckeddick

  23. No skating on the ramp?

  24. Flavel Arts District! that’s my favorite part.

  25. Holy shit, all the fun has been sucked out of brookes life, so now she wants to ride the world of reggae, the number one provider of positive vibes world wide. kill your self.



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