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Toeside Terrors Test: The 2013 Rome Shank

Tech drops some knowledge on The 2013 Rome Shank 153. Word.

The Official Info:

NEW: NoHang-Ups Rocker camber — 3D camber profiling in the nose and tail with a flat camber NoHang-Ups diamond in the middle.

NEW: Skatecore profiling — softer flex between the bindings, stiffer in the nose and tail.

NEW: ButterOut Transition Zones — Longer transition zones makes for a smoother, more pressable, less catchy ride.

Carbon single barrel HotRods in the nose and tail means more pop without added stiffness.

QuickRip Sidecut – More responsive at slower speeds and powerful at higher speeds.

Rides a little longer so you can size down a few cm.


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Comments (25)

  1. Rome’s 2013 lineup is the shit.

  2. You guys just put Shayboarder and Angrysnowboarder out of business.

  3. hahahaha the best one yet.

  4. “3D camber profiling” aka TripleBaseTechnology… copying Lobster,ey?

  5. @eyyyki copying bataleon actually, if you’re going to accuse companies of copying.

  6. bataleon dumbass bitch nigga slut hoe

  7. Rome: jumping on the bandwagon since 2001

  8. some one get this nigga a lable!

  9. I can’t not wait to ride my Shank.

  10. “Tech’s back with the hip hop game shit. Aw naw….”

  11. secret DDTB cameo in the vid makes me wanna buy it n try it

  12. Reminds me of Tim eddy back in the day

  13. No “cons” to this board huh?

  14. Way iller than mac miller…on par with J-Roc nawmsayin

  15. Wow that was amazing, totally unexpected, blew my whole shit up

  16. “6ft tall riding 153s doe”


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