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This Must be the Place. FULL MOVIE

Thanks to everyone who made this video happen. Shot mostly in Salt Lake City during a year with minimal amounts of snow, we couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome people. We hope you enjoy the movie and it makes you want to get out there and snowboard.

Featuring: Andrew Aldridge, Kevin Maples, Jesse Gouveia, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Cameron Gorby, Colton Morgan, Ben Strause, Cole Navin, Dom Luza, Michael Wick, Sam Taxwood, Garrett Warnick, Erik Leon, Phil Wettengel, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sean Whitaker, Shane Wright, Corey Schneider, Gared Schneider, Max Tokunaga, Chris Cloud, Max Warbington and Jordan Morse.

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (90)

  1. Everyone killed it. So sick guys!

  2. Connor partys like a rock star. 08 throwback bitches!!!!!!

  3. jesse wtf was that face man hahaha

  4. Hell Yea Connor! That was hell of a movie!

  5. Maples has the sickest front-boards

  6. Holy Shit! that Connor Brown Video under comment Number 4 needs to have its own Feature. SO STEEZY

  7. i can drink more then connor, school boy ass bitch

  8. max tokunaga is going to blow up soon

  9. Jordan ma fackin morse blowin up

  10. This just show’s you can never have too many nice deep ramp’s. Loved this edit Connor!

  11. Hell yeah guys, you all killed it. Proud of you Connor!

  12. as few shots as he had chris cloud was the stand out in this movie. and i really wanted to comment saying “this must be the let down” but it wasnt.

  13. so so so fucking good.
    kevin maples, aldridge, morse, the list goes on and on.
    that was amazing.

  14. have you ever seen team thunders “gold country” connor? you might want to check out there titles and whats with all the abd’s?

  15. Ender part was so sick. half cab front 3 was bolts. nice j0b

  16. holy shit, jerm’s comment has 5 likes^. oh yeah that vid was aight was too. haha, it was fuckin great

  17. holy shit
    best riders
    best music
    best editing
    best movie
    thanks connor!

  18. This was so great, great riding, Ty Segall, everybody killed it! Now if only yobeat but SEGCOS up, I would probably go into a coma

  19. Jordan Morse,,so hot right now… Jordan

  20. All that stuff in the middle was dope, but I’ll watch Andrew Aldridge’s and Jordan Morse’s beginning and ending parts again and again

  21. this must be the name, well done Connor. Jordan Morse style for fuckin miles

  22. God damn that was good! Andrew and Jordan’s part were so good.. let’s see a full Dom Luza part this season!

  23. Tight stances continue to show the world who’s the boss.

  24. ran lanham is my neighbor. he killed it.

  25. Max Tokunaga! We out here. So LancedCakedSababa. Get with it.

  26. heck yeah dom!!!

  27. all the homies!! amazing work from all of you. i can’t wait to see what you guys do this winter

  28. Another fucking front flip? Sweet fucking god you’d think we’d be over this by now. Hey man do a flip NO FUCK YOU LITTLE KID YOU DO A FLIP. Why does everyone always choose such fucking similar music? Ok sweet guys your getting back to being core with heavy guitar licks and no lyrics, but hey everyone else is using the same type of music for every fucking edit being made so that’s super core. Movie was sick. Mustaches were cool. Broken boards were even cooler. Oh and jerm, your not witty. KILL TYLER

  29. bar dadon

  30. jesus christ i miss the days when jerm tried to hurt feelings no matter how good the video was. snowboarding has gone soft and slc might be the mecca of pillows.

  31. jordan morse’s part was full blown retard

  32. one day the line between Jesse Burtner and Max Warbington will completely disappear and they will be one in the same

  33. Wish Gared Had More Jump Parts. Schneiders Are Rad!

  34. i thought jordan morse killed it in his park edit that came out a few months ago…

  35. ugh, minimal snow? i hate michigan.

  36. still has all of Utah’s dick in its mouth I see.

  37. I still got free beer and pizza!!!!

  38. I liked ski bowl the movie better

  39. this makes me want to snowboard

  40. why was everyone hating on this must be the place like making Drunk jesse gouviea names and saying connor makes out with him? Then when the movie comes out everyone loves it, which they should.

  41. Now maybe if I ride connors dick hard enough maybe I can be in the next one!!!

  42. Dont get me wrong though I thoroughly enjoy this movie

  43. Great video, Connor did a great job but does anyone care what peoples arms are doing anymore??

  44. There was some good riding. but these kids get more hype than this shows. its well put together and closer was very heavy but all this music and fancy camera and epic ramps and b roll is getting old.

  45. I rly wanna just fuckin meet blaze’s parents and give their hand/head a shake for the name choice

  46. the last part was good shit, but overall i don’t get the hype?

    pretty average am movie these days, but they seem like cool dudes and i respect the work they put in.

  47. it was more entertaining than watching me ride a halfpipe over and over again…

    i still prefer gay porn over snowboard movies though.

  48. Haven’t watched it yet but I already want to snowboard!!!!!!! Bong rips all day!!!!!

  49. dont get used to seeing jordan moarse, after voting for mit romney hell be taking a two year vacation to get more followers for his church.

  50. HOLY SHIT jerm has 0 dislikes.

  51. ok at 6:56 thats a mad underrated trick never really seen anyone pull that before dont know if its like taboo or something but YES

  52. 5:19 he touched the rail and not with his fucking board

  53. Andrew Aldridge style is easy on the eye.

  54. music was great
    I hope this doesn’t hurt their reputation but I loved the video

  55. YOBEAT: this must be the place…… to talk shit.

  56. More Morse

  57. jesse and connor have hawt butt sex all day and night long, jesse is the bottom of course, wu tang 4 life

  58. Oh, is that why he got bought into videograss? No, you must be right

  59. i swear it was the same dressed same style kid the whole time. sick moves but come on, get you own style and quite trying so hard to look “cool”

  60. Jordan Morse slays everything! Ender is unreal

  61. video is sick but im not really down for maples style

  62. Hell ya. Im stoked i watched that. The ender, Morse fucking killed it! A few sick Co shots too, props in general.

  63. the best all girl snowboard movie ever

  64. jessie gouveia gets me so hot and bothered. Hes just such a hot little potatoe!


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