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Footyfiend’s Forgotten iPhone Footy

Just imagine what they’ll be able to do with an iPhone 5!

Featuring: Dillon Ojo, Cody Wilson, Brandon Hobush and Alex Stathis

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Comments (16)

  1. does he have a fisheye lens for his iPhone?

  2. iphone 5 actually has a built in fisheye. new state of the art technology

  3. uh huh me and Beavis like got our iPhone 5

  4. GBP is down with iPhone 5! Get Wid It

  5. uhuh Hey BUTTHEAD nobody likes you… erm uhehhuh

  6. Cody Wilson is the next Cody Wilson

  7. alex stathis cant be fucked with

  8. @future

    most profound statement yet on yobeat

  9. The music made me cut myself

  10. These comments are boring… Where the haters at?!?

  11. this should have been rejected edits

  12. only because they filmed it with an i phone


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