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Toeside Terrors Test: 2013 Salomon Villain

With a name like the Villain, there was only one set of zebra pants that could adequately demonstrate this board’s potential.


The pros: I’ve never ridden a wide snowboarding before, but it was similar to riding a wide skateboard — leaning into turns was super smooth because your feet are on top of it. My feet are 10.5 and I was pleasantly surprised by the stability this board offered. It was noticeably poppy, the tail practically collected medals off jumps. I also didn’t feel like I was about to wash out, ever.

The cons: Though I only rode it a limited amount of time, I felt like it lost flex throughout the day. It’s definitely a board I could see losing pop over time.

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Comments (25)

  1. obviously not the real shaun white. theres no way his zeach instincts would have let him go straight down that box


  3. Nice method… for a SKI RACER!

  4. Salomon would never pick up shaun white

  5. This Toeside Terror shit is fucking retarded.

  6. I think it’s fucking hilarious… the off-timed audio was the best call.

  7. the only reason i go to Yobeat is to talk shit

  8. there’s nothing worse than a red-headed version of LMFAO

  9. Interview Matt Kass again or something, cause this shit sucks

  10. This is amazing. Thank you. Make up a position and promote this man already.

  11. I’m riding one down my kitty litter mountain.

  12. When did the people at Yobeat start smoking so much crack?

  13. You know what it is. GBP Get Wid It!

  14. This makes me not want to buy that board.

  15. @molespit im outta weed, u holdin?

  16. yeah i got that board for free, volcom steve hooked it UP

  17. they couldnt have gotten a more shitty rider to be Hansu… good choice Yobeat


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