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Mobbin’s Team Edit

We know you guys love Colorado and people hitting jumps, so you’ll definitely be psyched on this team edit from Mobbin’ Wear. You’re welcome.

Riders in Order: Wylie Adams, Kai Wiggins, Brandon Rohrbaugh, Blake Axelson, John Hemminger, Madison Bailey, Grant Giller, Matt Genovese, Chase Demeulenaere, Brendan Hart

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Comments (37)

  1. they need a new filmer this one doesnt know how to keep a damn camera steady

  2. Super sick edit. WTF is wrong with you kids.

  3. We need A filmer, we never had a filmer in the first place.

  4. the jumps were sick, but the filming could definitely use some work. nice job over all though.

  5. I dont smoke weed cus I’m a fucking pusssyyyyyy. #collegelife #yeaaa

  6. I love how everyone is hating on kids who fucking throw down on jumps, maybe you’ll appreciate it more when you can do more than a back 3 off of a side hit

  7. @jerm I saw this hosted on another site then got pissed that there werent any tight stanced 3s onto tubes and went straight to yobeat