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Dennis Leontyev at Windells

Everyone’s favorite Russian combo master Dennis Leontyev recent tore his ACL. Despite all good doctors’ warnings that you should wait 6-9 months before getting extreme, he clearly doesn’t give a fuck. Here’s what went down a mere four months post surgery.

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Comments (39)

  1. 4 months from an acl tear? sorry your knee is fucked now, shouldve waited atleast another 4 months.

    trust me I am a doctor.

  2. If Jed made a video of just park riding it would be about 100x better then this.

  3. come on guys. I worked really hard to get back sooner and that was doctors’ decision to let me go snowboarding. I still have 2 doctors watching me

    and those of you leaving comments like congrats, you got your ACL torn again should think twice before posting it.. for real

  4. the shit he was trying when he tore his acl was FUCKING BOSS most of you faggots would quiver in your boots at the sight of that hit

  5. Kid is better than most and has much time to improve his style. Take care of them knees.

  6. Boom!

  7. dude i definitely know how you feel. i tore my acl and a bunch of other shit in my knee a couple years ago resulting in surgery. they said i needed a year to recover. had 3 months to make it back. shit sucks so bad. respect