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Agnes The Movie

The Shoulda Danished crew is on it, dropping one of the first full flicks of the year, and at a little under 40 minutes, we do mean FULL.

A film by Ben Giesbrecht & Dale Bailey.

Featuring: Agnes, Dylan Vachon, Dale Bailey, Craig Mcmorris, Kurtis Rothecker, Ben Giesbrecht, Connor Copithorn, Joe Hills, Will Fraser, Craig Beaulieu, Jesmond Dubeau, Alaura Ewen, Alex Murovec, Kyle Stainton, Jake Bergen, Nick Arsenault, Dave Kinskofer, Matt Cassidy, Jordan Marowitch, Reid Spak & Our friends at Timebomb Film

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Comments (27)

  1. @jussi Hell yes! Such a good point.The fact that the industry is sleeping on kids like this is a shame. Especially Dylan V. Someone please give him a free snowboard so he can stop trying to warranty the same gnu pickle 80 times. Also Craig McMorris is amazing and its too bad he’s always overshadowed by Mark. He does really unique tricks and is really versatile. Mark doesn’t even hit handrails

  2. dylan vachon is way to good to not be getting free boardz

  3. dylan v is sick dont get me wrong. but is there any reason anyone would actually care about him? there are so many kids that are really good at snowboarding. just being able to do good things doesnt get you paid unfortunately.

  4. Jerm sucks dick at snowboarding and shouldn’t even comment about relevancy.