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#Coalinthewild Instagram Contest

Coal Headwear is giving away a Wilderness snapback each week of September for the best wildlife Instagram photos. Explore the outdoors this month, search for unique critters, and remember to tag @coalheadwear and #coalinthewild for a chance to win!

Here are the rules…

Follow @coalheadwear and @yobeat on Instagram
Post your best photo out in the wilderness; getting lost, getting weird, just plain getting out there.
Bonus points for wildlife!
#coalinthewild and @coalheadwear for each submission.
Once a week, Coal and YoBeat will choose a winner to receive a snapback from the Coal Wilderness Collection seen below.

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Comments (15)

  1. I’m constantly in the wilderness but I don’t have an Iphone. Damn

  2. why are the comments italicized?

  3. This is art but a shitty medium of art.

  4. damn too bad I still have a flip phone.

  5. can i instagram the concrete wilderness, or is that off limits?

  6. @fuckmac – let’s see em! concrete jungle is a wilderness too. na i mean?

  7. Bring back Firing Squad. USA USA USA MERICA