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People’s Court: The Birdman vs Michael Wick

After weeks of backlash and uproar culminating in last week’s 100-comment debacle of a People’s Court, we finally found two submissions that feature good riding. Here you go, what you’ve all be waiting for, a People’s Court battle that you actually might want to watch.

Graham “Birdman” Mear


Michael Wick

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The Winner of this week’s battle will be an honorary inductee into the Toeside Terrors and receive an official Toeside Terrors Baseball T (Also available for a reasonable price at the Yobeat Store.

Wanna be part of the People’s Court? Submit your edit to [email protected] right now!

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Comments (62)

  1. Yobeat is offensive! Hopefully this shit won’t get heady like the last people’s court.

  2. first dude was dope, second dude was also good but only did variations of like 3 different tricks

  3. Obviously wick is gonna take this one. At least put your friends up against some competition…

  4. I wanted to vote for Birdman, not because he has a rapper’s name, but because he’s kind of got that JP Walker steez, but Mike was way more creative. You know the Don likes those creative types.

  5. Ten foot PVC tubes. BAHAHA i did those in the second grade.

  6. birdman takes flight and destroys public property, gotta vote strictly for the destruction

  7. i didnt even finish watching the second one because the first few clips made me hate him

  8. wow that first dudes filming/editing was better than a connor brown edit… that’s rare

  9. birdman does too much arm steez, mike wick keeps all tha stee in da writt

  10. Too bad your edit was made by connor brown, you may have had a chance.

  11. birdman, steeze. wicks ending made me shit myself though. props all around.

  12. Obviously michael wick, he doesn’t call himself birdman

  13. im with the birdman on this one.

  14. I haven’t been seeing any fucked pretzels lately. Whatever Birdman can keep doing his stuff I’ll keep watching him happily.

  15. this was better than masturbating

  16. I was there all summer and didn’t even see mike wick, old footy.

  17. Michael Wick, Yes. Birdman, no. Connor Brown, Fuck em.

  18. vote goes to birdman because connor brown is a tool.

  19. im stoked to get my flippin bird skickers.

  20. calling it right now birdman is secretly tony hawk trying to come up in the shred game

  21. Shout out Brick Squad with an MMG song? Birdman for the win

  22. second dude did some nice gymnastics.

  23. michael’s cab 5 was sick. wick for the win

  24. Hanging peace sign from your snow pants is like the coolest and hippest thing in snowboarding. O and dubstep is like the coolest thing ever too

  25. wick had a chance for the win but lost it with the handstands and kartwheels gynastic routine…..shout out USA women olympics- so they tie and neither wins

  26. Handstands haven’t miraculously become any LESS GAY since they were in kindergarden..

  27. i lost respect for birdman when he started riding with sagged skinny jeans

  28. Birdman rode some bigger features. Oh and Conor didn’t make his edit.

  29. didnt know jesse from breaking bad rode a salomonder

  30. a vote for michael wick is a vote for bawsses worldwide

  31. Birdmans style is so terribly forced. Just land your trick normally man dont try to look cool. Its too obvioius

  32. Birdman had better hip-hop. but wick had a nasty frontside handplant

  33. you said no more hood edits. MOTHERFUCKERS

  34. I don’t know if it was the song or what but Birdmans edit just did for me minus the peace sign on the belt and pants above the boots but to each his own.

  35. Connor Brown is actually a really nice guy, who gives a fuck if his parents bought him a camera? I’m sure all you privileged white snowboarders on yobeat had to work so hard for everything you have and were never shown parental support. If his parents can afford to help him follow his passion, why the fuck is that a problem? 90% of faggots hating on Connor Brown are people who have never met him who are just jumping in to hate for no reason. This must be the place was dropping sick edits FOR FREE all winter and summer, why the fuck is anybody complaining about free quality entertainment?

  36. and the multiple line comments have begun ^^^^

  37. Seriously tho c. Brown is cool you guys are dumb

  38. all the argueing is done, can i fuck your bitches now?

  39. It’s been too long since I’ve heard quality music in a video. Props Birdman.
    R.I.P. Guru

  40. I like the guy who snowboarded with his tight jeans below his butt, I might start snowboarding now.

  41. comment 5. wasnt me

  42. Vote wick because he doesnt call him self birdman (watch Cocards part in capita movie)
    and that guys song is wack

  43. If thats actually apple commenting im glad to see you getting into the comment game. i think you could have some good material.

  44. @Rick Ross’s Diabetic Uncle:
    “privileged white snowboarders” and “were never shown parental support”

    You sir, should get your facts straight. You are a fucking idiot. Your first mistake is saying something about white kids. There’s plenty of privileged black, asain, euro, ext snowboarders. Your second mistake is saying how kids were never shown parental support. Well no one really gives a fuck about that. Your just a retard.

  45. @Racism is still alive and walking
    Are you going to try to argue that snowboarding isn’t dominated by white people? It is. End of story. That’s not racist it’s true. Yes, there are black, asian, and other races who snowboard but the majority is white people. I was being sarcastic about people not getting parental support, I really wish there was a sarcasm font. Everyone here complains about Connor Brown’s parents buying him a 2,000 dollar camera and they act like it makes what he’s doing less legitimate, but why should he be punished because he has parents who want to support him?

  46. here we go again. theres no pleasing you people.

  47. See what really matters is that Asians have the tightest pussy holes, blacks have the biggest ass, whites are just whites, and the Indians can bend around to get fucked in any hole any style, none of that other stuff really matters and if your into it your into idiotic things

  48. @jerm late Saturday night yobeating? Funfunfun!

  49. at least this peoples court was a fucking competition..and birdman for the win no doubt. good to know Wick was doing gymnastics out there while the bird was flying over fences..

  50. Bird man takes this out hands down! Style for days and took it outta the park!!

  51. Bird, obviously. The first 15 seconds of Wicks was laughable.

  52. michael wick kills dogs!!! fuck that guy!!!

  53. fuck this, drop a x pill in the fish tank.


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