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Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache

If he’s not your favorite Yawgoon, he will be after this. (No offense, other Yawgoons.)

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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Comments (49)

  1. Good music makes your snowboarding look better. Not that this kid needs help.


  3. Just had to change my undies.

  4. awesome! you don’t see too many kids using camber. mad props!

  5. Thats strange, my hating senses aren’t tingling?

  6. I really enjoyed watching this. Awesome trick choice

  7. Further proof you don’t need a big mountain to be good at snowboarding. Mad creative

  8. Dylan will single handedly save snowboarding. JC himself.

  9. Manie the entire hill next time.

  10. ohh how i have missed you yawgoons

  11. if you make fun of this, you are either trolling or a complete fucking moron

  12. I’m sure its been suggested, but ThinkThank needs to get Dylan in their next movie.

  13. the back 3 to end all back 3’s

  14. what happend to the Churrboy exposed articel hahahahha

  15. and that would have been the gnarliest scorpion at the end on the loon rainbow rail if he caught

  16. that bs 3 over the barrel still does it for me. that and the herman.

  17. cant think about anything to hate on about this video

  18. more style than most, more creativity than all.

  19. I watched 1:18 – 1:28 ten times.

  20. maybe jesse paul cant donate his pants to dylan.

  21. i felt so bad for this kid seeing most of his season there, there when he finally got to a good spot he had the sick shifty 3 ,move west kid

  22. At the dude above me…fuck moving west.

  23. jerm you must be lovin the herman

  24. rhode island all day errday . CIVIL REPRESENT

  25. yeah right jesse will NOT give up his pants, maybe for weed though.

  26. @rkelly oh you know i am.

  27. yawgoons reminds me of skateboarding on plywood in my parents backyard, pretty sweet.

  28. i had to watch this twice, and still want to watch it again!

  29. where is yawgoo, half of the shots that were filmed there it didn`t even look like anything was running and only one or two features set up

  30. mary rand is my favorite yawgoon

  31. fuckin michael jackson boardslide. FFFUUUUCCK


  33. Wow this kid is so tight. Where is his real part?


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