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Rip Curl’s Alive and Kickin Teaser

Here’s a tip: Last season didn’t totally suck in Europe. They actually got snow so if you’re looking for some winter hype, look no further.

Featuring: Victor De Le Rue, Elias Elhardt, Janne Lipsanen , Nils Arvidsson and more

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Comments (12)

  1. i stopped watching at the fedora RT if you love god

  2. jp walker isn’t in this?

  3. i coudnt make it through the whole thing…

  4. euro’s got dem zeaches on lock

  5. some pretty heavy spots.

  6. probably one of the harshest tomahawks I have ever witnessed. homie got fucked up

  7. needs more pro-jesus dubstep and lifestyle shots at bible study

  8. Good Idea- Boardshort companies making snowboard movies.

    Bad Idea- Boardshort companies making snowboard jackets.


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