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Comment Con 2012

The premise was simple: get some of the most notorious Yobeat commenters together. Make them snowboard in front of a camera. Determine once and for all who can talk shit and who should just go home. Of course, getting people from across the globe together is no easy feat, especially since most of them are pussies, so we settled for four: Jerm, Jerm’s Mom, DannyG and KC Kyle. You know them. You love to hate them. Now watch what happened when they got together a participated in a show of snowboarding skill.

Special thanks to Windells, Cobra Dogs and Timberline for making Comment Con 2012 possible.

Video by RC Cone

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Comments (85)

  1. @KC Kyle: after viewing your snowboarding abilities, your creditbility for knowing what is “good or bad” in snowboarding has gone from a 5 to a 1. Your words are useless in these forums.

  2. time to start training for comment con 2013

  3. That wasn’t me @ 78&79 but @fuckoff ive got you on any rail

  4. @fuckoff, impressed you even gave him enough credit to start at a 5.

  5. Glad someone won……….its events like this that grow egos. Next year- I hope Jerm gets to be a judge.

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