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Comment Con 2012

The premise was simple: get some of the most notorious Yobeat commenters together. Make them snowboard in front of a camera. Determine once and for all who can talk shit and who should just go home. Of course, getting people from across the globe together is no easy feat, especially since most of them are pussies, so we settled for four: Jerm, Jerm’s Mom, DannyG and KC Kyle. You know them. You love to hate them. Now watch what happened when they got together a participated in a show of snowboarding skill.

Special thanks to Windells, Cobra Dogs and Timberline for making Comment Con 2012 possible.

Video by RC Cone

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Comments (85)

  1. KC Kyle you should never leave a comment on yobeat again

  2. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad jerm won.

  3. I am overly impressed with Jerm’s boarding abilities. I’m happy to inform him about the possibility of recruiting him for the Skullcandy team. Please inform me about your religious tendencies, so we can find out if you’re a good fit.


  4. you fucks are so lucky that flights out there were $850.

  5. sooo whats up everyone?

  6. who the fuck is that fat bitch?

  7. these kids get zero pussy thats for damn sure. jerms got style but those other kids fucking blow dick!!!

  8. fuck yea jerm! i’m just asking for lowest rated comment with that, but seriously I was hyped he won.

  9. how many slow kids dose it take to screw in a light bulb

  10. sweet sweet vindication.

  11. They need to actually get off the fucking computer and learn how to hit a rail. jesus.

  12. This made me happy. Especially Kyle’s shitty 50-50. I can’t wait for next year’s event.

  13. It makes me so so so so happy that none of them can snowboard. Hide your keyboards, hide your phones, and hide your pagers, becouse fuck you.

  14. Jesus fucking christ. I had my money on jerm’s mom… but then I realized he’s just another dude spending too much time trying to look the part and not enough time lapping the park. shut the cameras off for a season or two fellas.

  15. I started watching this video with way to high of expectations. what the fuck guys seriously! emma watson sit on my face is right, lap the park some more bitches, beause now you are looking like bitches.

  16. I spy a zeech… Fuck you Jerm.

  17. Fuck I suck..

  18. but i would have done every single one of those tricks switch and one footed.

  19. Jerm’s Mom is such a faggot!

  20. Someone needs to tell these guys that no matter how hard they flap their arms, they won’t be able to fly away…

  21. only person worse then these nerds is M3TH

  22. If you had an edit of just Jerm’s Mom’s bails, it would look like he was going super hard.

  23. You picked the wrong canadians to battle jerm.

  24. I think Apple and flippin bird just wrecked your shit, these yobeat fucks should just blade.

  25. Jerm, way to strike a pose at the end there, looked girly as your snowboard skills.

  26. whos the little fat boy with the introductions?

  27. yobeat is so much more rad then newschoolers. i wish we had half the shit talkers on there.

  28. Worst execution off any snowboarding ever!

  29. This seemed stupid so I had to see what it was about and just as I suspected, it was completely fuggin retarded, who gives a sheet about anyone who makes stupid arss comments. I hope no one tries to put me in some lame contest for this comment

  30. flippin’ bird shreds harder than KC KYLE

  31. 1:45 that pose combined with the saga sticker on his board, yup nobody wins

  32. Upstate mike would fuck y’all up in SNOW

  33. Jerm, you seem so fucking proud to win against people that are no better than the girls on the bunny hill. You’re so awesome.

  34. This sucked

  35. thats 2 minutes fucking wasted dumbass shit yobeat get some shit together and do something thats fun at least to watch

  36. jerm still sucks dicks
    all of them really really sucked dicks when it comes to snowboarding

  37. This was terrible. None of this guys should ever be allowed to comment on shit again. Ive seen rejected edits 10 times better than this bullshit.

  38. I thought Jerm’s Mom was a chick until he started talking half way through the edit.

  39. That made me feel super good about my snowboarding ability

  40. Hahahaha man I’ve never seen an improper zeach… Lol stay off line until you at least get the style of a 2nd season noob

  41. i wanna see brooke geerys awesome snowboard maneuvers. same with that other guy standing around while our commenters at least ride boards.

  42. KC Kyle already hit puberty? What a twist

  43. 1:18 check out dat gut.

  44. Start a Game of Snow segment on Yobeat. I want to see some good snowboarders throw down.

  45. dr. brendan would have destroyed you faggits. you guys are awful and this video was pathetic….yet very neccesary i feel

  46. Good job. well done.
    keepin it real

  47. guys its not about having fun, its about whos the best

  48. say what you want about my snowboarding, i really dont care, i enjoy it. but after seeing kc kyle, jerms mom and danny g snowboard in person im going to assume 90% of all the other assholes on this site are just as terrible as them. its funny you all want to sit around and argue about whos better at snowboarding, like it actually matters.

  49. i dont think brooke is wearing enough yobeat apparel

  50. You guys suck! Anddd…KC Kyle has a backpack on.

  51. I know those two kids they are from canada but vancouver and it never snows there but that’s no excuse for sucking dick they’re the biggest norts at mount seymour and in real life they’re super quiet faggots who have little testosterone

  52. who are you @greenpeace? you sound too mad

  53. hell yeah so much fun thanks yobeat

  54. you guys ret jerm abeat youuuuu!!!?????? in my countrrry you all get 30 rashings and no rice for two week if this happen! commenting privareges revoked indefiniterrry!!



  56. who invited Andy Milonakis for the intros?

  57. Everyday you tide your snowboard, people much less fortunate face war, famine, death and disease. Enjoy it.

  58. their riding was much like a bad porn… predictable

  59. Fuck rails have a true board skill contest and ride a mountain

  60. @jerm , umm.. The only problem is that the only reason anyone knows who you are is that you sit around and talk about others being bad at snowboarding…. Like it actually matters

  61. Baahahaha!!! “Hes pretty bad so far” *points. That was priceless, I give Jerm the win, superior riding notwithstanding.

  62. You guys all suck come to KC where all the real shredders are i dont even ride park ever only pow all day everyday real snowboarding is hiking 6 miles up the mountain just to find that fresh gnar gnar and then shredding down anyone who is a real shredder knows this taking the lifts up is for pussies

  63. also we have that real bomb ass dank ass purk scrup in KC. off the 1/5. Pack that shit and get a nice bowl session going. wooooo then you’ll be in a real cloud of puff puff pass

  64. 80 comments in this bitch!

  65. @KC Kyle: after viewing your snowboarding abilities, your creditbility for knowing what is “good or bad” in snowboarding has gone from a 5 to a 1. Your words are useless in these forums.

  66. time to start training for comment con 2013

  67. That wasn’t me @ 78&79 but @fuckoff ive got you on any rail

  68. @fuckoff, impressed you even gave him enough credit to start at a 5.

  69. Glad someone won……….its events like this that grow egos. Next year- I hope Jerm gets to be a judge.


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