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Indoor Adventures in Germany

Here’s a summer time edit that might as well be a winter time edit, cause we assume the snow pack doesn’t change too much with the seasons in a dome.

Featuring all your favorite Euros: Matic Zavodnik, David Struber, Vid Baric, Pashko Standl and Georg Obermeissner

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Comments (20)

  1. It’s pretty sure that they will never get sun tan.

  2. Cody Wilson…… Cody Wilson everywhere

  3. @matic mike rav or jed anderson make up your mind

  4. Europe is weird because people think BMX is cooler than skateboarding, and all anybody really wants to do is get dressed up like a dweeb and smoke cigs

  5. ^ No, it’s not.
    Ok for the cigs.

  6. i thought the first kid was jesse gouveia.

  7. they have perfected the yobeat edit

  8. place looks fun. that being said this video sucked and the ender was an early off

  9. Quit screwing around and go brew me some beer.

    Just kidding cool edit. That place looks fun.

  10. who is cody wilson! matic doesn’t have to make up his mind cause he has his own recognisable style…

  11. The Euros are finally catching on

  12. seems ridiculous that they are all riding 142s with a 14 inch stance


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