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People’s Court: Pat Fava vs Pierre-Loic Thiebaut

This week it’s a battle of the ages– old vs young. Of course, age is all relative, but if we’re strictly judging by the numbers, we have a 14 year old vs a 31 year old. Do you favor years of wisdom or the fearless joy of youth this week?

Pat Fava

Pierre-Loic Thiebaut

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The Winner of this week’s battle will receive the new Yobeat Burlarse de Snowboard T or some equally awesome prize from the Yobeat Store.

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Comments (40)

  1. Pat Fava is a lot sicker than the other guy in my oppinion. I have no idea why the old man is winning

  2. Ill take that old man style over arm steeze anyday

  3. Dubstep is FUCKING GAY, but dude was rad as fuck for being that old. And pat, don’t cut falls everyone can tell and you look like a jackass

  4. 31 is the new 20. Beside, this dude has probably forgotten more about shredding than all of the haters on here.

  5. old dude doesn’t speed check which is awesome, but by 31 i’d think you’d have better things to do than make park edits like little kids do. Just board