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People’s Court: Pat Fava vs Pierre-Loic Thiebaut

This week it’s a battle of the ages– old vs young. Of course, age is all relative, but if we’re strictly judging by the numbers, we have a 14 year old vs a 31 year old. Do you favor years of wisdom or the fearless joy of youth this week?

Pat Fava

Pierre-Loic Thiebaut

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The Winner of this week’s battle will receive the new Yobeat Burlarse de Snowboard T or some equally awesome prize from the Yobeat Store.

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Comments (40)

  1. Old dude kills it! I’d vote for him if the polls were up.

  2. not diggin that skream remix but shit, age aint got nothin on pierre

  3. 1981 was a good year. And 31 isn’t old.

  4. Yo Pierre let’s smoke some weeeeedddd man

  5. If I ran this shit..the voting would be close and it would be sick.

  6. I dunno what the fuck was up with Pierre’s ender but this really isn’t much of a fair contest

  7. give lil man some props….by the time the kid is 20 hes gonna crush. old dude is stylin but aint all that techy


  9. pat fava is the people’s champ

  10. 31 year olds tryna look like he rides for technine? shits wack

  11. When Pat Fava grows up, everyone and their mothers will bow down to him. Get widdit.

  12. if i can rip that hard when i’m 31 i will be one happy mother fucker

    based on jerms theory of age in snowboarding pierre is fuckin shit up

  13. that 14 year old nigga quick cut a fall.


  14. micheal hoy i quit wumbo i just like saying wumbo

  15. Gopro, imovie 06, shitty song. I know this. Pierre’s edit is sick.

  16. That 2nd video had a crazy park but that dubstep….

  17. making park edits at 31? Thought by that age you were supposed to grow a gnarly beard and only ride when there’s at least a foot of fresh.

  18. old guy style > little kid style every day

  19. I will be 31 this year, fully intend on riding park all winter, hopefully will learn some new tricks, and oh yeah, I am gonna have a ton of fun.

  20. Pierre-lo <3
    Hautes Alpes motha fucka

  21. 31, that was a good age…. The young/old timers’ got some skills.

  22. that old dude needs a reality check he thinks he’s the shit or something

  23. Pat Fava is a lot sicker than the other guy in my oppinion. I have no idea why the old man is winning

  24. Ill take that old man style over arm steeze anyday

  25. Dubstep is FUCKING GAY, but dude was rad as fuck for being that old. And pat, don’t cut falls everyone can tell and you look like a jackass

  26. 31 is the new 20. Beside, this dude has probably forgotten more about shredding than all of the haters on here.

  27. old dude doesn’t speed check which is awesome, but by 31 i’d think you’d have better things to do than make park edits like little kids do. Just board


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