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Coal Presents: The Best of Best Summer Ever 2

Sure, we could stop posting Hood videos just cause camp is over, but why!? Here’s a look back at the summer that was the best, and perhaps the last, of all time.

Featuring: Colton’s mustache, film burns, the Cats of Anarchy, Jeff the Athlete, Tim Eddy turning, the Windells Diggers, Ben Maki’s man boobs and more!

This epic Mt. Hood Adventure has been brought to you by Coal Headwear

does not like to find tranny.
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Comments (15)

  1. that slow mo of ben makis boobs was priceless.

  2. yes uncle remis… i know ben makis moobs are huge!

  3. brings all the boyz to the yard. FUCKBOYZ ’09

  4. This just in, Sir Benjamin Maki has massive jahoobs

  5. seriously, i cannot emphasize how much i fucking love tim eddy. boss of all bosses

  6. @matt then why dont you marry him? gayboi


  8. I just heard, true story, that apple has his own “sex lair” under the HCSC bowl. Ladies, if you want to experience this just head to the left side of the bowl entrance, by the propane tank, and whisper “Granny Smith”

  9. Flippin bird had the best summer ever.

  10. What are we going to name this series when next summer turns out to be even better?

  11. that last clip is burned into my brain right next to the footage of two girls one cup.

  12. pez dispensin dat pussy all day. No work. Smoke Somethin


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