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Flippin’ Bird Double Feature: Apple’s Back!

The Flippin’ Bird crew is back and you know you’ve all missed them terribly, especially Apple. Now you lucky human beings are really in for a treat with a double dose of our pre-pubescent friends!

First up a little collab with Dylan Alito and Zach Rawles back in Colorado.

And then, the boys made it to summer camp, where they made lots of new friends.

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Comments (54)

  1. ummm, i already used “party all the time” in my video part like 3 years ago. i’ll let it slide though cause that fat kid is the man. And because maybe 30 people saw the video.

  2. is it possible that apple is related to the fat guy from GBP?

  3. fat kids always the funny one
    talkin about john candy
    john belushi

  4. these videos have all the makings of a teen comedy: funny fat kid, token black kid, and the nerd.

  5. i went to the apple store and got pissed off because i couldnt find that fat kid anywhere

  6. That fat kid is way more entertaining than Hondo

  7. this is the best thing ive seen on the internet all summer.

  8. I can 100% honestly say that I have no clue whether I like flippin bird, or it deeply disturbs me.

  9. i just watched both of those in their entirety and was quite entertained

  10. What the hell did I just watch?

  11. apple fcking killin the game in all aspects!

  12. I heard a rumor that HCSC is having a flippin bird signature session next summer

  13. Apple has some issues…….

  14. One time I beat Apple in a USASA.

  15. anybody else see those hoes checkin out apples move?

  16. ^hahahaha this fuckin guy with the name!

  17. yea fuck being a digger #fucktrevor

  18. I want to hate, but they got to go to high cascade and I didnt

  19. Let there be light… and flippin’ bird.

  20. T-Diggy takes it on the riding … he’s good.

  21. Awwh the Loon bar fuck me sideways

  22. im no doctor but i know that apple dweeb fucked one or more of those girls he was wormin to

  23. ^word has it apple slayed every bit of pussy at high cascade this summer…

  24. i heard that apple was getting so much ass that high cascade had to get him his own cabin because there was too many girls knocking on the door late night and waking up the other campers.

  25. I wish i could be friends with these guys!

  26. All statements above about my ass getting are true.

  27. How come this didnt make rejected edits?This is ridiculous!

  28. Just some fat kid trying to get some pussy at camp.

  29. I better see someone drop in to the half pipe worm style in the next olympics!!

  30. the hebrew singing made me lol hard

  31. Fuck Castro, APPLE FOR PRESIDENT.

  32. new apple snake next summer! ask for it by name!

  33. first, up state mike is a faggot
    second, jesse gouveia is also a faggot


  34. @matth jesse is one of the coolest people i have ever met. He was me and apples counselor at high cascade and I dont have one negative thing to say about him

  35. @matth I hope you get fucking raped by a giraffe and he blows his load in your throat and you choke to death on giraffe cum.

  36. Hcsc on these kids jock cos they parents paid for camp just feeds egos. Good stuff while it’s fun.


  38. @matth… I have no idea who “up state mike” is, so yeah, he probably is a huge fag.

    I just heard, true story, that apple has his own “sex lair” under the HCSC bowl. Ladies, if you want to experience this just head to the left side of the bowl entrance, by the propane tank, and whisper “Granny Smith”.

  39. Vous perdez du temps les bonhommes, vous n’allez pas m’atteindre, j’suis haut-perché moi, j’m’en fous

  40. APPLE is the man I wish i went to that session

  41. Is it just me or does the little kid remind of you of Brooke??

  42. apple reminds me of the fat kid from bad santa

  43. “WELL HOT DAMN PENIS BOY!!!” That was the best part of either video and probably the best quote in any snowboard film ever produced.

  44. the black kid didn’t get to go to summer camp? that’s surprising


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