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Flippin’ Bird Double Feature: Apple’s Back!

The Flippin’ Bird crew is back and you know you’ve all missed them terribly, especially Apple. Now you lucky human beings are really in for a treat with a double dose of our pre-pubescent friends!

First up a little collab with Dylan Alito and Zach Rawles back in Colorado.

And then, the boys made it to summer camp, where they made lots of new friends.

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Comments (54)

  1. Is it just me or does the little kid remind of you of Brooke??

  2. apple reminds me of the fat kid from bad santa

  3. “WELL HOT DAMN PENIS BOY!!!” That was the best part of either video and probably the best quote in any snowboard film ever produced.

  4. the black kid didn’t get to go to summer camp? that’s surprising

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