What Coast’s We’ll See Teaser

Here’s a little tease of how your favorite good kids from Utah spent their season. Will the actual movie be any good. Well, we’ll see! (Man that was way too easy.)

Featuring Blake Payne, Torrey Lyons, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Tucker Brown, Kyle Kearns, Danny Buller, Jose Magra, Connor Gysin, Drew Brighton, Evan Drage, and Friends.

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  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    “Will the ACTUALLY movie be any good. Well, we’ll see! (Man that was way too easy.)” maybe a little too easy

  2. buckertrown.
    buckertrown. says:

    jerm popped his baby carrot chub when he saw the kid in saga, then all he could hate on was the caption underneath the video. did yobeat know jerms the ski and snowboard team manager?

  3. Bate Nard
    Bate Nard says:

    Lets get down to what matters, hating on whoever wears Truth “soul armor.” #godisafaggot

  4. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    fuck that ender was badass. will be a fun video to watch for sure.

    :41 is sketchy as fuck. high ass rail with rocks on both sides!

    jerm talking shit on a video featuring one of “his” riders. way to go, you just made fun of the one snowboarder who actually wears that shat.

  5. .
    . says:

    Glad Jerm is getting some of the hate he deserves, for working for a almost strictly ski company, and doing fucking shin slides trying to imitate stevens on the windels dfd. suck one jerm, just suck one.

  6. jerm
    jerm says:

    read kyles comment. and to ^ sorry, ill stick to the same basic bullshit on 6 inch high rails that everyone else does from now on. i know how important and sick it is to lock down the hammers on the lowest of rails. god forbid someone try and do something that entertains themselves.


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