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MHSSC Update #2

Yobeat would like to apologize for Jeff’s shitty riding, but this flick has a good song for a Monday and makes MHSSC look fun enough to pay for. Enjoy a little extra Summer, we’re sure no one will make another Hood edit after this…

Featuring: Jeff Holce, Cole Linzmeyer, Jake Rose, Ross Weiller, Mark Goodall, Gabe Marzillier, Yuto, Nick McCarthy, Charlie Mayforth and some friends.
Film: Andrew Nagel, Leif Draznin-French
Edit: Andrew Nagel

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (29)

  1. killin’ it. this looks like the camp i would want to go to.

  2. potentially my favorite edit of the summer.

  3. creative set ups and good riding

  4. president buckets and king deforge!

  5. COLE LINZ. had sex with that dude in an alley

  6. Jeff Holce got an NBD, just sayin..

  7. the athlete, sw front tail pretzel 270, bosshog

  8. you also should have apologized for the shaky filming

  9. heck yeah gabe!

  10. if you call this shitty snowboarding I might as well quit now…

  11. This is like the Yawgoo of summer camps

  12. Jeff Holce and your mom did terrible things together and both of you liked it

  13. Jeff and Charlie bringin the heat – no wonder they goin thru so much morton

  14. nick and ross, holding it down for butternut

  15. DAMN. good job i wanna go here now

  16. SPC killing it!!!

  17. place looks amazing right now! fuck that was unreal y’all r killin it

  18. Buckets and Jeff D with the straight up man style. G.

  19. Nagel is the fucking man. and so are every single one of these dudes. Mt Hood summer ski camp is the truth. fuck yeah dude. also jeff holce is my fuckin hero

  20. :55 probably the best ive seen that trick done all year. well done jeff. 4 minutes of snowboarding and not one jump? i know theres jumps down there, ive seen them.


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