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Friday Funday #2

Man the mid 2000s ruled. A retard was running the country, a war or two were happening on the other side of the world and an economic collapse was on the horizon, but so what. We were too busy having fun to care, and many of us weren’t old enough to vote anyway. For us, this was an era of change, revolution and reinvention. Snowboard movies began to stray form the standard trick porn format and take a more in-depth look at the lives of our favorite pros. Little documentary projects popped up left and right like Airblaster’s “December” and Blank Paper Studio’s “91 Words for Snow” and Kids Know made snowboarding badass again. By the way, in case you don’t know or forgot, David Benedek did the first double cork in a halfpipe in “91 Words for Snow.”

Snowboarders themselves started to shape a new image of snowboarding. A jean and sweater party burst out onto the scene and Corey Smith showed the world that there was more to do than contests and big stupid jumps. His part in NeoProto should be considered a classic. Enjoy.

Love/Hate defined a generation. From Mikey’s mind a revolution was born. If I could I would just loop Love/Hate instead of writing this story, but Darrell Mathes and Justin Hebbel’s parts can’t be found on the interwebs. *Look for the back 180 in this part.

From Technine to the gangsta’ kid in the hipster movies, Justin Bennee has proven he rules. You know who else rules, Matty Ryan. These two paired up to create one of the best shared parts ever, and it didn’t hurt that the song made white kids (snowboarders) look cool when stopped in traffic. *Bennee broke his face filming this part, literally. But managed to keep filming and get one of the best 270s ever on film.

People was the awkward love child we were left with after NeoProto and Mack Dawg combined forces. I know this isn’t going to set well with anyone, but serioulsy, Mack Dawg is such a dumb name. Anyway, although I didn’t really love where People ended up, I rank Nima’s part from “We’re People Too” as one of the most progressive and re-watchable parts of the era.

Andy Forgash might not have been all that great at snowboarding, but he did provide us with a clip or two from Scotty Wittlake each year. Either way, here’s more from Love/Hate so be super happy and enjoy the shit out of this mess of a video part.

After the old Technine team got too famous to spend all their time filming for FODT they would basically just hand over a large portion of shitty B-roll and call it good. Luckily for you most of the B-roll in this section of Moment of Truth is from Love/Hate. Check out some random stuff from Hebbel, Darrell, Kooley and MFM.

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (23)

  1. i think forgash was pretty good at snowboarding, a hell of a lot better than nick lipton, that’s for sure.

  2. i like forgash better then nima cuz he backlipped between the feet

  3. kids these days dont respect the elders

  4. you should do a catching up interview with Hebbel.

  5. Justin Hebbel is working for a realtor in SLC. Always so fun to watch. I miss that dood in the Kidsknow productions.

  6. that 270 from bennee is the way to do that trick. so good.

  7. I’m pretty sure hebbel lives on the east coast now.

  8. damn bennees part is so damn stylish, timeless

  9. bennee in burning bridges always got me so hyped

  10. need a full mitch nelson part, best nosepress in the game. no joke

  11. Seriously what happened to Hebbel?

  12. ashbury team is now so cool we dont even need to snowboard to be cool for snowboarding

  13. No CURTIS WOODMAN! wack. or Justin Hebbels Full part? nimas shit was so on point! Switch backtail sameways in mid 2000s… Some louie Fountain woulda been nice as well.

  14. @Churrboy, i know reading is really hard but “Darrell Mathes and Justin Hebbel’s parts can’t be found on the interwebs.”

  15. @jerm- yea thanks i own love/hate, I was just talkin for this. Hebbels part in love/hate is still one of the best parts ever. And i never said anything about Darrell Mathes. Seriously Jerm, Lay off the sauce dog ur a fucking mess, not to mention you look like a huge chad.

  16. also where is the audio clip in mikeys part from?

  17. oh you own love hate? sick. I was just quoting the post. I see youve been watching american idol, dog. Im ok with looking like a chad, but are you ok with actually being one?

  18. the audio in mikey’s park is from an interview of charles manson

  19. Fuck yeah Andrew Forgash. The fuckin man.

  20. i used to be good at snowboarding now i just smoke crack with bozung


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