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Firing Squad: Jared Smith vs Clayton Schleg

Here’s our final skate battle before this month’s champions battle, and probably our last new skate shots of the summer. This week we have two photos from the great state of Washington, maybe to honor their recent victory in the Red Bull Rivals, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Do you go with the old school snowboard trick or the new school one footed maneuver? That is entirely up to you!

Photo 1 by Jared Smith

Photo 2 by Clayton Schleg

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Comments (24)

  1. photo has a nice backround, byt lurkers, bad comp, another digishot. Photo one is film for one, good comp and contrast, and dang that method.

  2. If photo 1 is indeed film and scanned in as the original print then damn thats sick! If its film and brought into photoshop. than Its the same as any other digital picture. Still sick photo and gnarly method either way.

  3. yep it is. all done in the good ol’ fashion darkroom. dodge and burn, dodge and burn. gotta love the chemistry.

  4. And, is it new school to take your foot off on a boneless?

  5. “on footed new school maneuver” ???

    Snowboard tricks on skateboards?

  6. photo numero uno! fuck thats a sick method. on a skate no less. ya, the lurkage in photo two is bummin. and another dude gettin the “shot” no less, outta focus and jacked comp. Digi ia usuful no doubt but makes everyone a photographer theses days.

  7. Thats fucking sick than man!

  8. Old school snowboard trick? C’mon now. Both are skate tricks and rad but the first one’s better photo-wise.

  9. crop out that space needle and you would have a winner

  10. the first one is more relevant to my interests

  11. on a sidenote brooke how is a boneless “new-school” by any means?

  12. Fuck off with the skateboarding already, it’s embarrassing for real skateboarders to read this shit

  13. Jared’s shot was awesome, that method is so proper! And I agree with Harry, I shouldn’t have included the Space Needle in the shot, it was a stretch for sure. I just redid my edit of the shot if you guys want to take a look.[email protected]/7689050876/in/photostream

    By the way, I was not lurking. Tim Zimmerman and Sky were totally cool with it and helped me out a lot.

  14. Gotta go with the Method. You just can’t beat a solid method. And the phoot isn’t bad either.

  15. Re: The Boneless. Was trying to make a bad snowboard joke about the one-footed craze. Failed miserably. Since when do you kids read anyway, this is supposed to be a photo feature.

  16. jared smiths photo is so good?!

  17. how can number two be winning? photo-wise, there is no question here. did anyone else look at the link to number twos other photos? ughhhh. it would be only natural for the poorer to win. go yobeat.

  18. looks like the link to the other photos has been disabled. is someone hiding their true colors? ha. photo one all day long son. no question. Number two must be doing some serious social network lobbying to be in the lead, otherwise you are all clueless.

  19. Nothing is hidden. I linked my Flickr.

  20. jared smith and ryan williams have been killing it around the northwest for years. been seeing them around together for a long time. props. They could care less how this turns out anyway, so they are already the winners.


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