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Boardin’ Boreal: Sammy Spiteri

Spending a whole season with someone can by trying, even near impossible. Luckily the bro-love bond is strong between Paul and Sammy, and out of it we get this video of Sammy’s season of boarding at Boreal.

Edit: Paul Heran

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Comments (26)

  1. nice tricks, you guys are homos with your lingo.

  2. one of my favorite park edits ever!

  3. that park looks super fun

  4. that was very pleasing to my eyeballs and earballs

  5. Since when is he in Holy Smokes??

  6. Oh how much can i say that “I LOVE THIS KID!” You guys have no clue how good this youngblood is.. Great edit DP…..

  7. too bad it isn’t sammy swalloweri

  8. filming was on point. riding was creative. this was dope.

  9. Yeahhhhh Sammmmayayayyaya

  10. Take not kids- switch ups and combos galore are not necessary to be on the come up. so refreshing to see Sammy kill it so casually. Loveyoumuhdood.


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