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Firing Squad: Tyler Orton vs Max Lyons

Summer rages on and so do skate-edition Firing Squad battles. This week it’s all about the mini ramp, which as snowboarders we all know it the lowest impact place to suck at skateboarding. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a good picture of it though, and here we have two, using all sort of flashy technology, and now it’s up to you to decide which is better.

Photo 1 by Tyler Orton

Photo 2 by Max Lyons

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Comments (17)

  1. Max Lyons is defiantly shitting himself in this photo. I mean seriously, look at that face. 100% voting for him.

  2. obama it is not max so shut the fuck up

  3. those lips.

  4. @bush…. ur over reacting. stop being a pussy cause ur pal is losing.

  5. Damn, the exposure of my shot on here isn’t even close to being accurate, compared to the original.

  6. @tyler orton what do you shoot with?

  7. tyler, im glad you acknowledged the less than ideal exposure, for some reason i think the angle could be a lot better but hard to figure that shit where your not shooting, i do like your composition more though

  8. remos is a good man. lyons by far.

  9. @Lurker, My exposure is fine on the original image. The yobeat version looks like crap though. Look at the photo on my website. Thanks for the critique though.

    @Max, I shoot with a Canon 30d.

  10. max lyons is winning this for sure!

  11. vote Lyons solely for face on T-Money

  12. @Tyler The photo on here and the version on your site seem to have about the same brightness. The only difference I see is the one on your site is a bit more saturated. Could they have different color profiles?

  13. and Tyler should have won!


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