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Dread Shakin at Camp of Champs

When a member of your crew has white guy dreads, you really have no other option but to embrace it.

Featuring: Mark Goodall, Kai Ujejski, Keenan Filmer, Pat Sampson, Jake Fine, Ben Poechman, Jody Wachniak, Jon Versteeg and friends.

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Comments (42)

  1. will I be cooler if I get a capita and some unions???

  2. Footyfiend makes the bests edits in Whis. Mark Goodall and King kai in one edit? hammer time. Mad respect to these dudes. Keep slayin’ Mark for prez

  3. the mark dude is good, but i really hate hippies

  4. does anybody ride any other bindings besides union when on a capita board? trend whores.

  5. Jerm I have rome targas (no highbacks) on the capitaaaaaa.

    Union, capita, coal=c3 btw

  6. I guess it’s in your nature to hate on everything, but try to be good at it please. union makes good bindingers, get off their cock

  7. So what I gathered is that its a “chain shakin’ policy.”

  8. union, capita, and coal are all under the same distribution ring? no way. you learn something new every day. idiots. And their bindings arent that good. theyre just trendy.

  9. you kids are all fools hatin on capita and union… ya think maybe theres a possibility that kids like mark are sponsored by the companies? maybe..


  11. I only ride lib techs and Salomon bindings. Rider owned companies are gay.

  12. no jerm, really. union’s are some pretty solid shit

  13. i only ride bent metals and flows. best bindings ever yo

  14. 1:19 – 1:27 was switch

    2:18 was switch

    ender was switch

    this edit was fucked..

  15. dude tryin to go dub=shut down. oh & fuck capita union. burton vapor w/ cartels all dayyyyy

  16. ^ KC kyle youre literally so gay. why do you use yobeat if you “shred” powder in vail? hopefully this doesnt make “you mad”. oh wait, hopefully it does. you fag.

  17. No highbacks is proven to make you better at snowboarding.

  18. I love my unions, everyone swears the shit they use is the best, we will never know

  19. @ chill factor DONT MAKE ME ANGRY!!!! KAMMEE HAMMMEEE AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  20. this edit was the perfect thing to drown out loiter squad………fuck odd future

  21. No guys really you don’t understand, Burton board, burton bindings over everything.

  22. Im no kingpin but there has to be more weed and beer at CofC then the other summer camps around town.

  23. @Mn hell yea brother! Why else would kids pay $2000 for a week in canada

  24. 1:01 “signs in the air” 👐

  25. 2:08 and 2:13
    what the fuck is he doing with his board
    too much swag

  26. capita and unions make me want to hike brighton

  27. dreads. neat. you must smoke like, a lot of heady weed, bro.

  28. hey i’m 13 all my friends said i should get union bindings, i’m so excited to match everyone in the park now i will look like them. 🙂

  29. sw front board at 1:24 wayy too proper

  30. song was so fuckin awful. unions are good bindings fuck you jerm

  31. i prefer a good 136 arbour with no highbacks on some bent metals. and jeans…. did i mention jeans?

  32. you gotta get the ration 148 cut the nose and the tail so now its a 128 cut your laces and cut your highbacks now you got a set up

  33. *comment about ridiculous snowboard brand trend*


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