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People’s Court: Jann Eberhart vs Blake Axelson

Two young males both riding Arbor snowboards. One seems to prefer the off piste slopes while the other man made creations. You decide whos more worthy of yobeat glory and Arbor snowboard riding supremacy

Jann Eberharter


Blake Axelson

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The Winner of this week’s battle will receive the new Yobeat Burlarse de Snowboard T.

Want to be part of the People‚Äôs Court? Submit your video by sending it to [email protected]

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be

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Comments (39)

  1. anyone who votes for the second dude is a fucking kook

  2. My vote goes to Jann cause he killed some pow, also the thought of gangster rap and aspen just makes me want to laugh/throw up (although blake’s jump skills were nice too)

  3. best people’s court in a long time. second guy for sure.

  4. if blake doesnt win its because not enough people speak in dollars signs, they need a translator

  5. Where the hell did that double cork come from? I thought he could barely ride down the hill.

  6. It was nice to see a pow edit a month of summer camp park edits

  7. *after a month of summer camp park edits

  8. jann was clearly better those pow shots were fucked up!

  9. Well Blake pulled that double cork straight out of his ass hole. Jann’s pow shots were sick and a good fun edit. I think im going to have to vote for your mom. She has nice ears.

  10. I hate to break it to you blake, but your not a gangster

  11. 1st- Thats how you make a good pow edit, Jann all day

    2nd- So sick of this music, and cut the first 5 shitty rail shots and open with the 5 at least

  12. blake killed everything, doesnt matter if hes not gangster he likes the tunes

  13. this is stupid, first kid was fucking way sicker. i’d rather see all pow jumps and three park tricks than a bunch of halfassed rail tricks and a double cork to juicy j at aspen. yet juicy j seems to sell these days. *facepalm*

  14. blake might’ve gotten pretty buck on the jumpline, but his jibbing was fairly sub-par. jann just was an all around better rider with a solid season of shredding.

  15. Jann for sure. Blake’s rail steez is trash, and although his jumping was good, he was hitting perfectly manicured park jumps, while Jann destroyed backcountry like a muthafuggin champ.

  16. first one was super sick. second one lacked about everything. shit ass editing, sloppy tricks, could barely ride down the hill but god damn somehow that double cork was fucking supreme.

  17. little does everyone know, this is Blake’s b-footy. pulled the double cork out of his ass? right, right.

  18. ^Who gives a fuck if its his b footy, he still put 180s out in his edit, and his style was harsh.

    Can we get a real peoples court? Fist fight style. I wunna see upstatemike vs. millbury

  19. im voting for the first guy because im bored of park edits

  20. @yoyougotfruit Might as well make it fair and make it upstate mike vs. all takers.

  21. all jannices tricks were cleaner and the edit flowed. It goes to jan

  22. I hated them both. summit county? or endless 360s into powder? gotta go with the double cork i guess

  23. @kc kyle, i voted for the second guy. lick my nutzz shuga tits

  24. I like Blake, like “like like”

  25. Theres no way blake pulled that double, that was someone else. he was horrible.

  26. music needs more hi hats.

  27. im too high to give a shit which of these fools wins

  28. o fuck haha one of them is me, im too high to care and i already have a yobeat shirt

  29. wow blake won? fucking kooks chumping on the votes

  30. blake fuckin rips all you h8rs can fuk off!

    especially kc kyle

  31. I come back 2 days later and Jann is losing? what the fuck is wrong with you people


  33. woww park is so hard, I hate it when the cord aint fresh…it just gets sooo choppy. It must take some real skill to land on hard pack. i hate it when the park gets too snowy and i cant stomp


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